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    • That is not what he was referring to nor his intention.  Even though Luck was drafted on Grigson's watch, that was Irsays pick from the start.
    • This is becoming a broader discussion than it was when I made my original comment. Mahomes isn't overcoming deficiencies at receiver because the Chiefs have good receivers. Much better receivers than the Colts. That's the comparison I was speaking to.   Of course Mahomes' greatness helps them overcome other deficiencies, and makes others mostly irrelevant (like run defense, for the reasons you stated). And of course the Chiefs are better with Mahomes than they would be with Rivers.   To the Manning era Colts, I think they are predecessor of the Mahomes Chiefs. Outscore them, then rush the passer. That's the same philosophy. One major difference is that this era is more kind to that philosophy, another is that the Chiefs have a really good interior pass rusher who is good against the run, and a really good edge, as opposed to two good edges who aren't very good against the run. Another difference is they've better embraced the philosophy, as it's been more firmly established than it was 10-15 years ago.
    • Four 1st rounders and a player?  I highly doubt that. If Ballard would have traded four first rounders and a player, he should have been fired on the spot, no questions ask. 
    • To use that as the standard, then what you are saying is that Grigson also got very good mileage from his draft picks (and FA signings I said) because we got into the playoffs every year that Luck was healthy, and I'm sure you don't want to go on the record around here saying that.
    • I remember him when I first became a Colt fan and dream season enroute to the SB III nightmare loss to the Joe Namath and the Jets.  Colts were huge 17 point favorites after blasting the Browns 34-0 in the NFC Championship.  The Browns was the team that handed the Colts the only loss 31-21, in their 13-1 season, when the started Johnny Unitas, coming off his elbow surgery as he threw 3 ints.  He road the bench until SB III when Morrai was messing up and almost brought the Colts back but the loss was NFL destiny and was a factor in the NFL/AFL merger as the AFL KC Chiefs beat the Vikings in SB IV, the merger occurred after that.    Orr was a solid dependable receiver and I too remember his waving his arms, being wide open for a sure TD on the flea flicker, but Morral threw the ball to the middle of the field to RB Jerry Hill which was intercepted. IMO the Colts drafted WR Ray Perkins #1 to replace Orr, similar style of play.   Perkins caught the long TD against the Raiders, from Unitas when we beat them in the AFC Championship enroute to SB V win over the Cowboys, 16-13.   Jimmy Orr, rest in peace.  Colt memories forever.
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