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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I have observed that you are a good poster with good insight.,    However.......  You may be missing a bit on your evaluation of JB   A QB that is innacurate, slow to read and has very poor touch on intermediate and long routes is a very bad thing   If you look through my posts........ I WAS a JB supporter.   Have you noticed that JB is looking worse and worse?   The defensive coordinators have decent tape on JB for THIS YEAR and THIS offense.   They are changing up coverages at the last second, and JB just cant find the open man.   They HAVE figured out his game   Do you remember how good Drew Bledsoe was early in his career?  He was very good, early on.  Then the defense coordinators figured out that he was susceptable to poor performance if he had rush between the center and the guard....... ALL the teams started running blitzes and stunts there.    Drew Bledsoe became average, even before he was hurt and TB replaced him   Some people are blaming the lack of WRs......  There ARE people that are open   An Accurate QB, with touch and quick release CAN beat the defense that is set up to stop the run.  Today......  Our running attack and great OL is negated, and quite frankly WASTED, because the box is getting stacked.    Five guys cant block 8 or in some cases 9.  There is NO FEAR for JB's passing.   A decent QB can pick apart an 8 man box.  A QB with slow release and slow recognition cannot     You are a loyal Colts fans, as am I.   But.......  Watching JB play is painful   It will be more and more painful as the defenses coordinators, now know how to beat him   I think JB is a decent guy, BUT.........  QB needs more than a decent guy.......   I truly hope that we take at least a try with another QB    
    • I like Burrow but he's going #1. Jordan Love has my curiosity but IMO most of the QB's coming out are a crapshoot. Tua scares me as well because of his injury, a hip injury is serious.
    • You are absolutely correct I couldn't agree more. 
    • I truly think I agree with you. 
    • He's said many times how much he likes it here. 
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