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Gonzo remembering Donte Whitner at Ohio State , Great Comment


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This was in a discussion on not having to put pads on every day for practice now

Colts Put on Pads-The sixth practice of the 2011 training camp marked the first time Colts put on pads as head coach Jim Caldwell’s team hit the field for a two-hour practice Wednesday evening.

After playing only three games the past two seasons because of injuries Anthony Gonzalez is more than ready to be back in the stable of one of the deepest receiving corps in the AFC. Gonzalez played in the 2007 National Championship game at Ohio State and believes that college training camp put him into the position he is in today. “At Ohio State we were on a two then one schedule, a double then a single,”

Gonzalez said. “My last year we were full pads the whole time it felt like. We were hitting, it was brutal. I remember getting my bell rung every day by Donte Whitner on the same play over and over again, saying, ‘When is this going to stop.’ I was blocking a bubble screen and he would just fly down and try to destroy whoever was blocking him. That was every day for two and a half weeks.” Down in the trenches

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