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Peyton And Irsay Meeting Tonight


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No, there is always that possibility that they will go silent until the next meeting.

Is it possible that this is a second or possibly third meeting between the two? The decision could have already been made and they (Irsay and Peyton) just wanted to wait until after the Super Bowl to announce it. I really wouldn't be surprised.
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Peyton and Eli go every year to Duke to see Cutcliffe around this time. There was a pic of them together at the Duke/North Carolina game 4 years ago right after the superbowl where they were guests of Cutcliffe's.

In other words, don't read anything into the visit to Duke. The PFT article made it sound like he was there b/c he did want to be at the Colts facility.

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Well the as,e person is telling me there was a meeting scheduled tonight, if Peyton cancelled the meeting then it doesn't look good.

The "as,e person"? What does that mean?

If you are getting your info from Twitter, you probably shouldn't act as if you have inside information. A tweeter who wouldn't know you from a hole in the ground is no more a "source" than Rich Eisen would be my "friend" just because I find him amusing.

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