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It's amazing how one season to the next they word are near unbeatable and now they can't find a win. If this keeps going on it makes you wonder if you'll see wholesale changes. This city has locked onto soccer into a major way and that could lead to an MLS expansion team but I fear that poor play could lead to poor attendance so we'll see how true blue the Indy soccer fan is

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    • We have a complete team as in not 1 guy matters as long as the QB is above average to good and doesn't Turn it over. In week 1 we had no run game and still almost won but the cards were stacked against us. I always bash on Tannehill, the reason why is, he has a good team around him and a Hall of Fame RB. He turns the ball over though. 3 INT's vs Cincy with a chance to go to the Championship Game. That is unacceptable.
    • Some of my thoughts:   1) Worst broadcast team ever. Let's just get that out of the way. Why do they have a three team booth when these people have no chemistry? They spent most of the biggest moments talking over each other. That stretch of time from the safety to the end of regulation was tragic. And I bet we get this crew a couple more times this year...   2) Matt Gay with a monster game, out dueling Justin Tucker in real time. Feels good to have the kicker position in great shape, first time since 2018.   3) JuJu Brents looked big, fast, physical, and was all over the field. No doubt he's going to make some mistakes, but this is what I think we can get from a young secondary when they're playing well, and it's why I'm not super concerned with the DBs for this year.    4) Minshew is a really good backup. This is what I've always wanted from a backup QB, the ability to keep the offense on track for a couple weeks at a time, when needed. He isn't spectacular, but he's confident, efficient, tough, and keeps his head on straight.    5) Gus Bradley found the blitz chapter in his playbook. This is a guy who hates to blitz, and he just kept them coming all game long. And he did it because this is the book on Lamar Jackson -- his efficiency against zero/1 coverages with 5 or more rushers is dramatically lower than it is against 2/3 deep with only 4 rushers, and we've known this for more than three years now. Compare this game with what Eberflus did against Lamar in 2020 and 2021. One of my biggest criticisms of Bradley is his rigidity, but he showed some serious adaptability yesterday, and it helped us win that game.   6) I still think the OL is problematic, especially in the run game. We're pretty bad in short yardage, and that's been the case with two QBs and two different RBs. Still need settling at RG, and Braden Smith has been up and down.    7) Zach Moss is productive, but there doesn't seem to be anything special about him. And yet, he's 100 times better than Deon Jackson was in the opener. And I guess Isaiah McKenzie is a scat back?? If JT comes back at 100%, it should be really good for our offense.   8) We got a lot of lucky breaks in this game. I'm not complaining, but I'm also kind of pumping the brakes on some of the 'take the Colts seriously' stuff. Still only scored 22 points with OT, couldn't convert in short yardage, only got into the red zone twice, and Lamar still kind of had his way with us. We have three very winnable games coming up, but the Browns defense looks incredible, so I kind of have that circled as the biggest test coming up. 
    • Instead they added 8 seconds onto the clock
    • I must be the only person who saw it this way, but I didn't see a replay of Speed's non-call that showed definitive PI.  You can't see what EJ's doing with his back arm.  You see EJ swiping at the ball with his left hand, and after the ball goes by you see Flowers whip around and flail his arms.  He tried to sell it, but I'm not convinced EJ interfered.  Everyone seems to admit it was a bad non-call, but I'm not even sure it was PI at all...
    • I just figured there would be more growing pains.  I think having a clutch kicker is huge though.
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