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IMO Paul George failed at giving an honest 100% effort every night on both ends of floor and being a leader . He has the me me me syndrome, nothing against you my friend I like you . that is and has b

Mark is on an island here. I wouldn't waste too much energy on changing his mind. This team is going to the promise land.. woot.

Love how all the mainstream sports media outlets are talking about what went wrong with the Cavs and LeBron instead of praising the Pacers. 

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1 minute ago, oldunclemark said:

Sabonis can score.....but we need a miracle now...97-88   4:33


Stay on LeBron and Love and make the others shoot.......only chance

A miracle just a couple stops 

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It's over. Wrap it up, folks. Good season that exceeded everyone's expectations. 


Need to get some help for Oladipo. When he is gone they have no offense whatsoever. 

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    • with the new break through in the surgery its 6 to 9 months to be able to play when it used to be a full year to be cleared to play . it will be 8 months by week 1 even if it takes the max 9 months that is the 4th game of the season and that is the max he could be cleared week one .   ballard has to know fisher is healing well and on target to return in 8 months to sign him
    • Leno, the clear safer option. This is risky, but it is what it is, maybe Leno was not possible or they think Fisher is higher upside, even with the injury.   There clearly is some kind of trust in Tevi and Davenport at least provides insurance for him as well. As long as they can survive for a couple games and then Fisher is able to come in, we should be fine. The medical part of it, who knows. The FO are the ones that have the medical info, we don't. We can only trust he'll be fine and close to back to his best.   I wonder if they'd resign him, in that case. Not sure how much room there'd be for that, but if it's possible it would kick the can down the road on the left tackle problem, which we need. We have to stop having to replace players at super important positions every off season. 
    • Gives you more options, if a guy plays well and you let him walk it helps with comp picks. Or you get to re evaluate the following season!   no need to bloat the roster with contracts longer than needed! 
    • I would be surprised if CB doesn't have a contingency clause in the contract that if he could not play at all this coming season that the Colts would be on the hook for his entire salary. I would imagine that there would be an incentive clause based on games played. would be shocked if that were not the case. As for the fact he may not start the season and miss the first few games, a drafted rookie may have been in the same boat.  Not to many rookie LT are going to come into this league and start playing at a high level, especially any that we could have picked up at 54. 
    • Very good post.   Really appreciate the thought you’d put into it.      If I may, I’d like to add this.   I would guess Ballard respects them.   Because Colts.com uses them periodically.   I don’t think we would if CB didn’t sign off in that.     I’d also add that obviously the Colts have their own internal grading system both for their own players and for opposing players as well.  I’m sure our numbers differ from pff to a degree.  But I’d say they’re close enough that the Colts respect what pff does.  And so I accept pff on that level. 
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