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2017-2018 Indiana Pacers and Everything NBA Thread

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10 minutes ago, Bluefire4 said:

Well it is happening. Don't act like we've dominated this series. We have been down double digits on several occasions. We stole game 3 like they stole game 5.

Well dont act like they are easily better than us 90% of the times we went down this series the refs gave them stupid foul shots 

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IMO Paul George failed at giving an honest 100% effort every night on both ends of floor and being a leader . He has the me me me syndrome, nothing against you my friend I like you . that is and has b

Mark is on an island here. I wouldn't waste too much energy on changing his mind. This team is going to the promise land.. woot.

Love how all the mainstream sports media outlets are talking about what went wrong with the Cavs and LeBron instead of praising the Pacers. 

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Just now, Chrisaaron1023 said:

How was the pacers d this season?? They leave soo many guys (Kevin) open for 3's aaaaalll the time!

They do a lot of traps and doubles......but that's what the Cavs want right now

Got to try to help with whoever is defending Nance and Thompson..but they haven't done a good job of it today

Just now, Luck is Good said:

Why was Victor on the bench to begin the quarter? No benefit whatsoever to that

He cant go the entire second half....he runs around too much on offense and defense.


He hasn't played an entire half all year

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