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    • Exactly.   Coaches are going to play it close-to-the-vest because that's what has worked.  From Lombardi, to Noll, to Walsh, to Jimmy Johnson, to Belichick, to any coach coaching today.  They're going to "play the game" with what they say, because that's how it has to be played.   You can call it "easy" or "lazy", but ask yourself this:  no coach has had as much success as Belichick has had over the last two decades... as in, like EVER.  No coach has won 6 s.  Yet, he still spits the same media-friendly (un-friendly depending on your stance) rhetoric... WHY?  Why doesn't Belichick just start speaking his mind the way you think he should?  He's earned the right, right?   It's because calling things "honestly" to the media just doesn't work.  Ask any successful athlete or coach in any major sport.  You speak differently to the media than you do to your teammates.  We're not privileged enough to hear those words because we're not part of the team.  Simple as that.  
    • I won't tell as long you don't tell people that just because a team won does not mean the QB was playing well.   Personally, I have no problem if Rivers throws for 200 yards and the Colts win.  because I know that Rovers can throw for 300 or 400 yards if needed to win the game.  The guy he replaced did not provide that same confidence.
    • My response was that you have to look past coachspeak and that Reich specifically is not alone in doing that.  He's basically just like everyone else in that regard.   To your point...  I think there's room to be more genuine about it than coaches are in this current and touchy-feely era.  Probably the most glaring this offseason was Gurley and the Rams played it that way to avoid negative press.  But they've been covering for him and denying the reality for a while now, that they made a grievous error paying him early.  Teams have taken notice too and RB contracts will inevitably follow.  But in the way it was done I think it would have been ok to say what the problem was (they never really did that and are one of the more tight-lipped teams in that way).  It would have been ok to say he wasn't happy with carries and/or whatever his physical ailment was (I followed this situation closely btw and he cost me a fantasy championship).   It's just the easy route, the lazy route IMO, to resort to talking guys up while on the other hand the business move tells a whole different story.  But the NFL is a copycat league so at some point a head coach may come along who will do that while sustaining wins and next thing you know there would be a new group of guys calling it honestly.
    • Will Hooker play below average or return to form?  Is Wills ready for a starting role?  Is Rhodes going to continue to decline?  Can Rock Ya Sun continue to build on his improved play in the 2nd half of the season.  Who is playing defensive end?  Will Turray bounce back from a season ending injury or need the year to acclimate himself.  Will Lewis ever make an appearance? Is Banogu ready for more playing time?      We are good at linebacker so not a question at every level. I think we have a pro bowler in the making in Okereke. 
    • I feel bad for anyone trying to keep count.     I love @Jared Cisneros and @Chloe6124, but their opinion/take changes like the coming and going of the tide.  (or as the tweeters tweet)  One minute they're on the same boat as everyone else, then all-of-a-sudden, they're on an island all by themselves defending an undefendable stance...  
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