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Meet Patch the one eyed Kentucky derby contender

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He is my underdog favorite that is for sure and it would be something special if he does win and beat out the favorites, He is also owned by the famous horse farms in Kentucky, Calumet Farm's  but under new ownership the farm is finally rising back up.. http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/221334/one-eyed-patch-something-special-in-pletcher-barn?utm_source=BHFB&utm_medium=social

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    • totally with flexing... all night games.  Have fun!
    • I see what your saying, IMO def bounces and looks better than Offense faster. This OL needs better play and Frank going to have to make better playcalls going forward. Robinson RB on Jags is not a joke.....IMO   Don't take credit away from Lawrence and Mills they both have made some huge nfl pro passes not just short passes. C'mon now they have improved and anybody that watches football knows they have....   I'm not a huge coaching fan of Frank or Ballard is the GM. I just know this is my team going to support them. I will come in here and complain after a loss cause I have to get it out of my system. When Colts lose everyone is going too hear about it.    When they win I'm still going to put out what they need to improve on.   I read a ton of your posts and agree with a 1/2 ton of them. Just give credit where due. Doesn't have to be Frank or Ballard just give the credit.   Mills and Lawrence are young and improving each game. They just don't play a old Patriot short pass game..
    • I keep thinking maybe Smith has lost a step in getting to speed rushers and would be better inside where he played in college. Pryor, from what I remember, was better on the right side.
    • Jacob Tamme is what Granson reminds me of. Jelani Woods has Antonio Gates potential, IMO. 
    • Excellent thought. It would be much like two TE mismatch situations. If they lineup in the backfield then split out, LB would have to cover them. And yes JT is an excellent receiver.
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