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2017 NFL Draft - Day 3 Thread - starts at NOON EST

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8 minutes ago, AZColt11 said:

Mack was ranked the 9th best RB by CBS, just behind Foreman.  Guys like Gallman, Williams, Pumphrey were ranked behind him and they were already gone.  I would tend to agree.


I think Mack at the very least gives us an upgrade over our # 3 RB and maybe ends up the #2 this year. He also gives us another dimension in the running game. Even if that's it , not a wasted pick at the bottom of round 4

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1 minute ago, stitches said:

Emory Hunt is a small schools scout that is indeed very well respected.

Oh come on now, he can't be better than the posters on here that's have said it was a wasted/disappointing pick.







yes that was sarcasm for those few that can't see it.

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Just now, MPStack said:

I like this pick. Read his player profile converted from WR. Best football is ahead of him. Probably won`t play much this year though.


Kelvin Hayden was the same way too, former WR

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Gotta admit, don't know much about him.  I would say a little odd when Walker, Jr. still there.  Even Stribling at CB?  At any rate, I have liked all picks up to now.  Can't agree with them all I guess.  Maybe he's a sleeper guy?

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Just now, RockThatBlue said:
1 minute ago, Boomstick1 said:

Joe Mathis, Bucky Hodges, or Anthony Walker please


I am curious as to why Hodges has slipped this far. Even if you don't think he can block, he's still one of the better receiving TEs in this class...and he's incredibly athletic for his size.

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33 minutes ago, James said:


You haven't seen him play for the Colts, which is obviously what I referred to. Calling him a wasted pick before having seen him play for the Colts, in the NFL...


If Ballard and Philbin like him, I trust them more than you.


That's cool. I've disliked a single pick in the entire draft. More than that won't make it, I simply predict Banner will be one of them. 

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I would have taken Walker and Hairston in the 4th and taken the two big guys in the 5th, in which case I probably would have missed them.


We got another corner and Walker, so today was a good day.

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