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2017 NFL Draft - Day 3 Thread - starts at NOON EST

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Have Gallman, McNichols or Jamal White been taken yet?  Outside of those possible options  I'm not really interested in anyone else available  at running back. 


Looks like we might be stuck with  pretty much the same quality  of backfield as last year. That's the problem with trying to rely on finding mid to late round gems to address RB position.  Can't have it all though.  

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1 minute ago, Jay Kirk said:

Ballard is looking shrewd at this point . I like his style lets see what he does with these picks, and then in UDFA

With all the free agents he signed and the 8 draftees, this may be a harder than usual year for Colts' UDFA to make it.

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1 minute ago, il vecchio said:

With all the free agents he signed and the 8 draftees, this may be a harder than usual year for Colts' UDFA to make it.

Good point but there always seem to be some that sneak in because of Special Teams play.

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3 minutes ago, wig said:

Vwry happy with the move after the run of guys I like. 


Would have preferred moving up to get one but will never knock patience. 

At this point hes just looking for solid players

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13 minutes ago, James said:


Stupid post. Extra picks are better at this point if they don't like any prospect at 121.


Edit: a 4th and a 5th. Yeah, that's much better than staying if they don't like any player at 121.


Please, quit belly-aching.

At first the tracker was just showing the 5th, not the 4th too, I think anyone would question that trade...

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First,  Ballard made a good trade to move down in the 4th and pick up a 5th.       Well done.


Second,   don't be surprised if he does the exact same thing in the 5th with one of our two picks.     Move down in the round  and pick up a later 5th and a 6th to go with it.        If it's possible,   I think Ballard will want to do that.


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    • I think he will play better next year.  A true offseason will do wonders for a player like him.  He was predicted by some as a break out candidate prior to last season.  If he works on his weaknesses he should develop into a good(not great) starting LB in this defense to go alongside Darius Leonard.  Really that’s all that should be expected of him. 
    • Walker, walking, doesn't have a lot to do with Oke IMO. Walker is similar to Oke (holes in his game) and they're just not likely to give him a raise and long term extension. LBs are devalued in the league, especially MLBs. If Walker does walk, I would bet they pick up a guy in FA or draft a mid round guy to compete with Oke. Or simply upgrade altogether. 
    • I wouldn't say it's just my view, but yeah that is typically what follows when someone shares their opinion. I think Ballard shares the same view supported by the fact he more than likely lets Walker.. Walk. 
    • I personally am not surprised. Could be Irsay/Ballard/Reich just being supportive guys.  I also wouldn't mind him coming back on a one year prove it deal if he's healed up proper.  He's not going to get a big deal from another team after that injury. One year of productive stats could raise his value a lot. 
    • Bobby O needs to step up his game this coming season. I don't think Walker is coming back ( he'd be a better fit in a 3-4 IMO), and the Colts need better play if he is going to keep that starting role. He consistently seemed to be a step slow in coverage, and that is supposed to be his strong suit. Hopefully, it was a sophomore slump, but if it continues into year 3, Oke will be a backup very quickly. 
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