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Indianapolis Colts
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    • i actually like tua and herbert better than love, i would be happy to see them under center next year   love is a high ceiling low floor prospect, i would be ok with drafting him but that is accepting the fact that its a risk.  im ok with gambling for a big pay off, if it doesnt work out we try again.     i think we can do better than JB while admitting there is risk involved   
    • I would like to see us build a bad-* DLine like NOW.  If I could peg my dream off-season for the Colts, it would look like this:  We draft either Derrick Brown or Javon Kinlaw.  We sign Chris Jones and Erik Armstead in FA.  This would give us a starting front 4 of Houston, (Brown or Kinlaw), Jones, and Armstead.  Not too shabby there.  On top of that, I draft a CB with one of the round 2 picks and a WR with the other, then sign another in FA (maybe just re-sign Funchess?).  This defense would be HARD to deal with, and if we end up stuck with Jacoby again, at least we could make it a little easier on him without having to air it out so much.  Our running game is good.  Our defensive front 7 would be outstanding.  We might give up a little in the passing game depending on who we bring in at CB and IF the opposing QB has any time to throw.  But I think they would be hard to score on in the red zone.  And I don't mind winning games 17-13.   I know I know.  I'm crazy and it'll never happen.  But a man can wish.
    • Maybe we're just optimistic lol 
    • Yeah for me option 1 is QB and option 2 is Kinlaw (If the top 4 QB’s are gone). At 34 I’m all for taking the best WR on the board.
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