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(I will include the FA from the Pats (my team I want to keep)

I want this for my Pats:


Andre Carter

Wes Welker



Brandon Lloyd -- supposedly I hear he said he will go wherever Josh McDaniels is, and we need a reliable 2nd WR besides Welker.

Mario Williams -- Imagine him alongside Vince Wilfolk... WOW!

I would also love see a Vet CB, but rest I can see through the draft

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    • If we are letting go of Houston after this year (very likely), having Clowney for 2 years would kind of even out, plus the fact that Jacoby could be gone after the 2020 season too. The thing about Clowney that I like his hustle on broken plays. He has gone in practice against one of the most elusive ones in Russell Wilson. Plus, in the AFC, if we have Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes to deal with, both that can be good in broken plays, you need a guy with the upside hustle of Clowney to get them.   I think that would make our DL the best in the AFC if we get him and with our secondary having not so many household names, it will increase their efficiency considerably, and not to mention the long arms of Buckner and Clowney batting down balls.
    • He has been given more time than TJ Green to show his worth  and still hasn't shown much progress. The end result is the same, just a year later.  
    • Funny... I was just fixing to reference Bell and his whole “hold out” fiasco.   I don’t know if these guys’ agents are blowing smoke up their tailpipes or what. 
    • Your right. Reich list of traits   1. Toughness- well actually Hurts is very tough and shows that on the field. So✔️   2. Accelerated Vision- Many will say Hurts is very weak at this. I would say he has shown massive improvement as he has played and gotten better offensive coaching. So maybe ✔️   3. Accuracy- Hurts career completion is 65%. Pretty good. So ✔️   4. Good feet- Come on. This part can’t be debated. He is elusive in the pocket, great body control and a great runner. So ✔️ 5. Leadership/intangibles- This is another no brainedr. Captain for 2 blue blood teams. Named captain at OU after 1 offseason in program. Led 2 teams to national playoff. Went to 2 national title games. You can say a lot but no one questions this. So ✔️   So recapping you could say he ✔️5/5 boxes. Maybe you could argue ✔️4/5. He is totally a guy that Reich would want.    Het beyond what people like to say about him and do the research. He is completely a guy they would like. Heck, Ballard scouted him in person at the Peach Bowl. 
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