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Bills Contemplating Whether to Pick Up Sammy Watkins 5th Year Option


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Per up to the minute update on NFL Network.


I was huge on Watkins coming out of Clemson and while he's been inconsistent and injured, when he's on he's near unstoppable. We recently brought in the WR coach from Buffalo that Watkins reportedly was a huge fan of. There could be some interest from him in the Colts. We saw Ballard go after Alshon in free agency before signing Aiken.


I know this is a year out, but would you guys be for or against spending big free agency money on Watkins next year? This would also allow more draft resources to be used on defense in the event we lose any of Moncrief, Dorsett, or Aiken after this year. What kind of contract would you expect him to get on the open market?

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