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Cubs & Cards Rivalry Changed Forever?

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Watching the World Champion Chicago Cubs play the Cards a few days ago one of the broadcasters brought up a thought. Now that the Cubs are world champions (did I mention that?) will the long lasting "friendly" competition between the two teams get a little testy? Probably not since a lot of them are married to each other and share families etc. But as long as it does not bottom out to sewer like the Yankees & Red Sox hatred all should be well. I ordered the MLB package that allows me to watch 100%  of the Cubs games. It is a nice to be to be retired, sit back, drink cold beer and watch the Cubs. Did I mention they are World Champions:D

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Most Cards and Whitesox fans hate the Cubs and vise versa, we don't care for those 2 teams either in general. You have decent fans from every fanbase of each of those that respect the other fans teams though. Jay Kirk is a cool Cards fan over on our main Thread. I respect the Cards, have too as they have won several WS Championships and been to the WS quite a bit. There is a Whitesox fan where I work at and he just hates the Cubs lmao. So every chance I get I rub it in his face that we won the WS. He was pulling for the Indians last season and when they were up 3-1 he was letting me have it. Now he avoids me :lol:

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Cardinals? Never heard of them?? Are they a Triple A team?



JK, it's a friendly rivalry to me, I have a few friends that are Cards fans. If they keep this player exchange thing going, it's going to be hard to root against them!


Now those pesky Southsiders......:thmdown:

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