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George Kittle, Tight End, Iowa - Sleeper Alert

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The more I watch him; the more impressed I get. Would be a nice way to use one of those fourth round picks. 




Keep an eye on #46 (bottom of the screen) and check out his textbook block:



Looks like some Dallas Clark old film, but nope it is Kittle:



He is fast like Dallas was too.



Big target in the end zone.



And this cat can catch the ball:



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10 minutes ago, SP_21 said:

Kittle is a beast. I have no idea how he is still going unnoticed 


Amazing how some of these tight ends and bigger receivers get overlooked because they're in a running scheme.


I read Kittle had only 1 drop to 48 receptions. We could use those odds on this team. 


If we drafted Kittle in the fourth round then we would basically be trading Allen straight up for him. 

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Kittle being taken so late proves, once again, that third day picks matter. Getting extra picks in rounds 4-6, and then using them to move up to grab a particular prospect (a practice at which Ballard is a master), can pay off in the right hands. 

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