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***super Bowl Xlvi Game Night Thread***


Super Bowl XLVI Champion  

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  1. 1. Which NFL Team Will Win Super Bowl XLVI And The Vince Lombardi Trophy?

    • New England Patriots
    • New York Giants

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City of Indianapolis, Indiana is honored and proud to host their first Super Bowl. New England Patriots and the New York Giants play together again to see which team earns the honor and privilege to raise the silver Vince Lombardi Trophy. N. Y. Giants won the earlier meeting over the Patriots at Foxborough, Massachusetts during the regular season 29-24 last November, and Super Bowl XLII at Glendale, Arizona.

Super Bowl will be televised around the world, simulcasted both on television, and on the internet, through NBC Sports here in the USA, including WTHR NBC 13 at Indianapolis. Clear skies at 60 degrees is forcast for the 6:30PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff. No injuries to both the New England Patriots,and the New York football Giants, and they will entertain the world to see which team will be the 2012 Super Bowl Champion!





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Channel 13 is showing a "Super Sunrise" program showing what is going on downtown and interviewing different people. They interviewed three guys from New York said they didn't want any of the "New England clam chowder" that was offered where they dined last night. :haha:

Love to hear them talk. They always said we had southern drawls . . . we always said they talk too fast. :)

Looks like everyone is having a great time.

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I don't get that last play at all. Why did Brady take off running? It was a 3-man rush. His line was blocking well. He wasn't under any pressure. Why did he take off and destroy all of the blocking angles? He pretty much created that sack on his own.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again...eli is a better playoff post season qb than Peyton....Peyton for regular season and Eli for post season

Defense + a mediocre or better offense + ideally some special teams = championships. Eli has all 3 and a coaching staff to boot.

Manning has had a terrible D and special teams unit all of his career. He's had excellent to good offenses. Now his O-line is terrible and he still leads the Colts to the playoffs. No coaching staff worth a dime either. When the Colts won the SB, they did it with a very good offense and a D that was very good for a 4 game span over the course of the entire year. The special teams were still pitiful.

Peyton > Tom > Eli

Patriots (Aside from their matchup nightmare the Giants) > Giants >>>>>>>>>>>> Colts

Teams. Win. Championships. Peyton has had some playoff stinkers, sure. So have Eli and Tom and they've had much more help than Peyton ever did. When Peyton had a D that actually DID something constructive? LIGHTS OUT. (Even with still horrid special teams)

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Congratulations to the New York football Giants winning Super Bowl XLVI, 21-17 over the New England Patriotss, and Eli Manning winning Super Bowl XLVI MVP. Props to the City of Indianapolis for hosting the Super Bowl XLVI and the local pregame events last week leading up to the big game, and also concludes the 2011 NFL season!

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