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Indianapolis Colts
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    • This mischaracterizes the issue in its entirety.  Just because it takes a long time for QBs to find generational talents at QB is not a reason they shouldn't try to get better at the position if the team doesn't have a generational talent at QB.  Bill Belichick has had Brady for the past 20 years and he's still drafted a QB every other year.  In the past 10 years, he's drafted 3 QBs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.     It seems as though what you have in mind is teams selling the farm to trade up and take the #1 QB in the class at #1.  There are so many other viable ways ot get franchise QBs better than the one we have.  If we used a 2nd or 3rd on a QB, could it be the next Drew Brees or Russel Wilson?  Maybe.  But even if it's not and he sits a year and then ends up being better than Brissett, that's a win.  We can try again in another year or two.  You should always try to improve your roster and add valuable depth, no matter what the position is.     Yeah, we have a mediocre QB.  We should still be using higher draft capital and perhaps trading up in cases where it makes sense.  
    • At least he would add to the running game.  But still, no thanks. I'll take our chances in the draft.
    • I bet Irsay is already working on the paperwork to rename Lucas Oil to Okereke Stadium.   This thread title nominated for hottest take of the year.
    • My own experiences in the world of football are what make it really hard for me to accept any sort of comp like this... If youll allow me to be "that guy" for a moment to explain...   I was a part of a 4 time repeating 5A state championship IHSAA program... technically only 3 of those... the first one was when I was in 8th grade lol...   But Ill use the last of the 4 peat teams- 2007- as my example...   That team was LOADED with D1 NCAA talent... there were more than 12 players that signed day 1 of national signing day...   I figured that, that team would stack up, and beat, most college teams...   After graduating HS, I went to be an on scholarship coach at a prominent NAIA school in the state...   Day 1 of Spring Training Observations...   This small, NAIA school... would WIPE THE FLOOR with my old HS teams... even if taking just the best players from each year to make 1 team... The NAIA school still wins. No question...   Now thats just NAIA... D2 and D1 schools made my NAIA school look like my old HS teams...   ...   So I get it... Bama is a huge program that gets many players ready to produce at the NFL level...   But there is still a jump up the ladder in comp...    And college success DOES NOT AT ALL mean that an individual player is a lock to ball out because of what they did at the level below...   TED talk is over... Thank you for listening    Edit to add clarity... I know you said may not translate not will translate... so please dont think the end of my ted talk is implying you said something you did not lol
    • I would take him over Brissett for sure.   At least he is still improving.  
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