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Wouldnt take him if he was free

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    • It will definitely be weird to see how no preseason games or inter-squad practices impacts players who get cut moving to other teams, getting claimed of practice squads, etc.. I usually look forward to the 3rd week of preseason to watch those last 8-10 guys fighting for a position make plays (good or bad) which cost them or earn them a spot on the final roster.     That said, I think Blankenship and McLaughin will likely find homes in the NFL this year (maybe we move Blankenship to the PS and he stays around a while)... just because of how many teams needed kicker replacements last year (e.g., McLaughlin bouncing around 4 teams) and because Blankenship had a heckuva collegiate career and McLaughin played fairly well (aside from 2-3 big kicks missed) over the course of the season.     I feel like guys who were on the verge of making rosters at other positions will have more of a disadvantage (late round rookies and UDFA or 2nd year PS guys) since there will be no tape of them playing other NFL quality players in preseason games and since it'll be tough (unless coaching staffs are that open with eachother) to understand why a guy got cut (e.g., if we cut a guy who we really like and stow him on the PS, does Reich just tell another team's coach "oh the guy is very lazy, has talent, but out of shape, we don't like his work ethic but will give him some time to see if he can change?" or does he say "man, we really wished we could've got the guy on our real squad, but we decided to keep a player at another position for that last spot? this guy's gonna be asolid NFL player someday.." ?).  
    • Eason and I can honestly say I've never seen him play or know anything about him. 
    • Jacoby's 5 years older than Eason.  Not saying he has hit his ceiling quite yet, as I don't think last year was the best year to judge him (injuries to WRs/TEs and drops, plus a nagging injury to Brissett and a fairly vanilla playbook for most of the year didn't help him, too much -- was part of that vanilla play book due to Brissett's limited ability, probably, but I think it could have also be attributed to him losing Funchess for  the year, Ebron for a good chunk of it and TY and Campbell going down or playing with obvious limitations for good chunks of the year).  While I think Jacoby could improve from last year, especially with more talent around him, I don't think he's too far away from his ceiling.     From the age and experience alone, I think Eason is the default for having more upside.  We are pretty sure what Jacoby can do.  Eason has a better arm and they are similar athletically (Eason being slightly faster straight away, Brissett being slightly better in agility drills and leaping, at least according to their combine).  Eason is >2 inches taller than Brissett and (even though he has a smaller sample size) showed to be a bit better in college than Brissett (albeit in a totally different program).     Personally, I think Rivers is just about as good as any QB for Eason to learn from for a year or 2.  I'm not sure how the covid is impacting a rookie QB's ability to learn from a future HOF vet, but I feel almost undoubtedly that Eason has more potential than Brissett, in large part due to the fact that we already have a very good idea of what Brissett can bring to the NFL.  
    • Justin Tucker IMO is the best kicker ever, Most special team player of the month awards in history, best fg % in history, 4x first team all Pro, NFL All Decade team 2010-2020 ( Unanimous selection), fastest kicker to 1,000 points. If you had one choice life on the line player has to make the kicker who isnt rolling with Tucker ?? 
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