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Team "weaknesses"


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So right now, what does everyone think our "weak" areas are?

It sounds like CB is at the top of most lists here.

OL experience and depth is a concern. Also if run-blocking will improve.

CB and Safety are concerns due to depth and injuries (from last year).

DT has had additions, but until we stop the run, I'm not convinced.

LB was a concern, but Conner and Angerer improved last year abd I'm hopeful about Sims.

QB - I'd still love to have a backup I feel good about if he'd have to come in the game. We've been lucky with Manning, but anything could happen. And IMO, No manning = No Chance.

K/P - McCaffe doing ok (when he's not taking late-night swims) but Adam V. is aging fast. Tuff to think he'll make it thru season without some sort of injury.

KR - we still need to find "the guy" (although new kickoff rule makes KR less important.

On the other hand:

RB - we should be healthy with some talent on the roster. Hopefully OL will help too.

TE - should have a talented, deep squad here.

WR - looks good from talent and depth standpoint.

DT - possibly some excitement, but I'm skeptical till i see it.

DE - We should be good here.

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Really cornerbacks is our real weakness. The offensive line is a question mark, because we haven't seen Castonzo and ijalana play in a game, plus we lost Charlie. Linebacker is a slight concern, but if the LBs get injured.

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Really cornerbacks is our real weakness. The offensive line is a question mark, because we haven't seen Castonzo and ijalana play in a game, plus we lost Charlie. Linebacker is a slight concern, but if the LBs get injured.

That is what concerns me about our LBs. They are smaller and take a beating in part because of DL play.

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Here are some corners and safeties.


Brent Grimes(RFA-2nd and another pick)Expected to return to his team

Brandon Carr(RFA-1st round tender)Expected to return to his team

Kelvin Hayden

Jason Allen

Lito Sheppard

Dashon Goldson(i think he might be a safety)



(The ones i would want signed)

Donte Whitner

Atari Bigby

Chinedum Ndukwe


Gerald Alexander

Darren Sharper

Deon Grant

Lawyer Milloy

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For me, OL is not the biggest worry. Saturday's there, DeVan and Pollack played OK last season, and Diem (though much derided) isn't a problem at RT. Castonzo will start week 1, I'm almost certain of this, and I'm glad. He's a smart kid, hard worker, durable (54 straight games in college) and he will be a very good player in time. Ijalana? Well I have no idea what's gonna happen with him, because i don't know where they're gonna play him. RT? LG? RG? I have faith that the unit this year will be better than last year. I'm leaving out guys like McClendon and Thomas rom this discussion, but they've been around 1 or 2 years now (among others) and may make an impact too. However, until we see production, we cannot be sure. I'm simply optimistic.

I think the secondary does need to be strengthened. The pick of the bunch would be Donte Whitner in my eyes. With Whitner signed we'd have safety depth, and flexibility (3 safety packages; Bethea or Bullitt up at the line in coverage). He's a very good player, not a ball hawk, but a great tackler and good in run support. A player like Whitner would allow Antoine to play more in pass coverage (though Bullitt's return also does this), and thus maximise production out of both safety spots.

Is Corner a problem? Potentially. How is Lacey looking physically? I say this because I've always thought in the past he looks a bit skinny, and could do with bulking up. He certainly could be a very good #2 CB for us, but I'd like to see him looking more physical on the field, being able to match up with receivers better. Just take a look at this comparison:

Powers 5-10, 192lbs

Tryon 5-9, 185lbs

Thomas 6-0, 192lbs

Lacey 5-10, 177lbs

I know he's not drastically underweight, but I would like to see him a bit bulkier (up to 185?) this season. These four are my top 4 guys for this season, with Possibly Powers and Thomas at 1 and 2 respectively. I was very psyched we drafted Thomas, a very good man coverage corner in college. Hopefully he can stay healthy and prove himself this year.

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I'm still not comfortable with our WR situation. If Gonzo lives true to form and misses significant time, and it Collie suffers another concussion, where are we? Sure, I'm OK with Wayne, Garcon and White, but who do we have after that??

That's ture of any position. What if we suffer a couple of injuries on the o-line, or linebackers, or cornerbacks?

That is what happened last year and so you go find guys. There's no way to fill up a team with so many players that you can sub in quality guys at all positions with a couple of injuries. WR is not an issue right now.

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