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Have All The Vacant Coaching Spots Been Filled?

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Well I don't think players can be signed or cut until the official start of the 2012 league year which is early March...the 10th or 11th I think. Not sure but I don't think the entire coaching staff has been filled yet. Haven't heard anything about a DL coach, WR coach, CB coach (I believe the new coach hired was specifically a coach for safeties), strength & conditioning etc and can't remember offhand a LB coach being named either.

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WR coach (if Clyde is the QB, if not, then QB coach), Defensive Line, Linebackers, either Cornerbacks or just plain DB coach. If they use more 3-4 terminology, you might have Inside LB coach and Outside.

Check out this article by the new Strength and Conditioning Coach. It seems rather old, but his credentials there are interesting. US Olympic caliber, if I read that right.

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