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Jamaal Williams, RB, BYU: video scouting report by Matt Waldman... and ... Jamaal Williams

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Yes, that's indeed Jamaal Williams breaking down tape of his own games with Matt Waldman from the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. It shows an interesting perspective from the viewpoint of the running back himself about what he sees and how he processes information:



Jamaal has been a favorite prospect of mine for a while now and this video solidified my favorable opinion on him. Any time past round 2 I would be good with taking him for the Colts. He also seems to have good head on his shoulders and he knows his limitations(jump cuts) and is saying he's working towards improving in those areas.

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Seems to be a humble player with a little bit of fire.  I watched him vs Toledo and West Virginia.  Boy, did he smoke Toledo.  


I like his physicality for sure, but he lacks a twitchiness that I think is required for today's bell cow running back.  He's decisive, which is good, but he doesn't always see the hole and I don't think in either game I watched I ever saw him take a cutback (while typing this I was watching some of the MSU game and he did recognize a cutback lane on a zone to the wide side of the field).  He will be a goalline asset, but I can't say that he'd be more than that to be honest.  He's got the frame to take blocking duties, but he was pretty woeful in 1-on-1 situations with a blitzing linebacker (largely because he breaks down late and doesn't punch at the point of attack, he just absorbs or chop blocks, unsuccessfully at times).  He ran some routes and he shows some ability, but will require improvement at the next level, but his athleticism limits his potential there.  I definitely agree with the scouting reports that say he doesn't create enough yardage for himself, and that's in large part due to his stiffness, also in part to his predictable running paths.  For such a stout running back, you'd like to see him break more tackles than he does. 


He will benefit more in a power blocking scheme than zone where he's told where to go on any given play and doesn't have to rely on setting up blocks and making defenders miss while working behind the line of scrimmage.  He could be a part of a RBBC if he lands in a favorable situation, but I don't think he could ever be a 3 down guy.  He's not as thick as Legarrette Blount, but that's his ceiling I think.

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If he is there in the 4th and joe mixon is gone then I would gladly take him.

Also I started watching film on Joe Williams from Utah. He's a stud who ran 1300 yards in 7 games. That's as much production as many backs get in a whole season. The knock on him was that he quit football last year and his team got him to come back this year so teams label him as a quitter. I read an article that said he quit because he was depressed because the death of his sister. Right now he's projected to go in the 6th and would be a steal for any team.

I'd be happy with either of the Williams.

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