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Super Bowl LI (51) NFL Championship Game Thread

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    • I don’t know why after so many years there are so many people who still believe Kiper  doesn’t know what he’s talking about? The exact opposite is true.   Always has been.   He’s lasted more than 35 years and for very good reason.    But I’ve been reading this here since I showed up nearly nine years ago.  Some falsehoods die slowly around here.   
    • I also think a trade back with the Packers is an excellent idea this year.  With Draftek's trade chart and the updated compensation picks being added into their system both teams would benefit.  Currently the Packers have compensation picks in both Rounds R5P174 and R6P217.   If the Colts trade back with the Packers and following Draftek's trade chart can see the Colts get GB R3P92, R5P170 and R6P211.  Again GB still has two picks available 4 picks later in each Round 5 and 6.   I like the double trade with the Steelers as well.  Have also been tinkering with trades and after dealing trades with the Packers looked at the Steelers for a second trade partner as well.  With the additional picks we acquired we then trade them to Pittsburgh R5P162, R5P170 via GB-IND-PIT, and pick up the Steelers R4P124.   Then for the draft would look something along these lines:   R1P29 (GB-Colts) RCB Ifeatu Melifonwu (Syracuse) R2P54 WR Nico Collins (Michigan) R3P92 (GB-Colts) DT Marlon Tuipulotu (USC) R4P123 TE Tre’ McKitty (Georgia) R4P124 (PIT-IND) DE Jordan Smith (UAB) played both edges R6P180 RG Ben Cleveland (Georgia) or RG Tommy Kraemer (ND) R6P211 (GB-IND) – C Ryan McCollum (Texas AM) R7P243 RB Gerrid Doaks (Cincy)
    • Players are paid what the market will sustain. 
    • Most of it is their agents. Their agent gets the player the best deal money wise and their agent gets a % of that deal. Agents can be greedy but that is how they make their money. In other words lets say to someone like Aaron Rodgers 30 Mill a year compared to 25 Mill just to help his team win may not seem like much but to the agent it is. The agent would be losing a couple of Mill by Aaron agreeing to take less money. In Tom's case he could care less, he has earned over 200,000,000 mill in his career and his wife even makes more than he does.
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