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Super Bowl LI (51) NFL Championship Game Thread

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2 minutes ago, Luck is Good said:

I had a feeling Atlanta's offense would be slowed down. Belichick with two weeks to prepare is deadly. But New England's offense being slowed down is surprising

1st quarter...like the fist round of a prize fight.

Look at how Brady is taking a long time at the line to see what ATL is doing..


These teams don't know each other

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    • So just curious. Why do you think Reich is a good play caller? LAC with Rivers was the 10th ranked total O last year, and had a horrible OL and a bottom 5 rushing attack. The Colts had a top 5ish OL this year, a top 10 rushing O, and we were 10th in total O....    Given the huge jump in OL and rushing rank between LAC 2019 and Indy 2020, and given the they had the same QB, wouldn't you expect Indy to have a better overall O rank than LAC last year if Reich was such a great play caller?   Not trying to be sarcastic, I just don't understand where all the "good play caller" stuff is coming from. He's only called plays in one other place (SDC), and was fired for having the worst balance in the NFL. I see him as very predictable, who lacks flow and the ability to adjust.
    • When you constantly attack simple facts/stats, especially when there is an abundance, with hypothetical fuzz, then you're simply not being intellectually honest. Combat stats/facts with other stats/facts, not with "maybes" or what ifs. The above is more what if, maybe, deflection stuff. You haven't addressed one fact I've put out with a counter fact or stat. Players fluctuate vs competition, sure. That's why you have AVGs, and put more stock in those data points as the sample size gets larger. For his position (RB), yes I do. He is what his stats say he is, until he's not. Dude, don't try it. You're the one that brought up MAC in both long and short stuff in an attempt to muddy. I spoke to both, giving factual examples of a game where he had longer passes (MN), and short passes (BUF). You're the one that tried to lean off topic.  Having a high catch rate matters. Having very few drops matters. Having a good AVG matters. Having good separation matters. Being a good blocker matters. Being clutch in a playoff game like Buffalo matters. A TE that can run a sail route effectively and in synch with his QB matters. If he only checked one of those boxes, then I would say that one stat may be misleading. Just about every stat he has, and just about every grade he has (from various sources) suggests he's pretty good. I've yet to see anything factual suggest he's not.    And again, you're adding fuzz with "maybe this", or "maybe that". Nothing you toss at the wall is sticking man. Bring a fact or stat to the table for once. Again, more subjective stuff.. OK lol... Must be all luck from the golden gods. Got it.
    • FO has Indy as #7 in offensive DVOA, and #13 in defensive DVOA in it's most current ratings. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/dvoa-ratings/2021/week-19-dvoa-ratings ESPN FPI efficiency also ranks the O at 10th, and the D 14th.  https://www.espn.com/nfl/fpi/_/view/efficiencies/sort/efficiencies.defefficiencyrank/dir/asc   Sorry man, I can't take anyone all that serious that thinks a 20th ranked pass defense against our 32nd ranked schedule is even close to SB caliber. I mean, we just gave up 260+ to Glennon at home lol which is 45+ more than his average. Prior to that, 340ish to Big Ben, which is 90ish more than his average. And in the playoffs, 320+ to Allen, which is 40+ more than his average. When you allow QBs to constantly get more than their average, you're just not that good if you can't hold them to their average or lower. Especially guys like Glennon. It just defies any and all logic.
    • Nope.. gotta find the best... and not of just today, but all time! someone today vs someone from 100 years ago. Gotta debate who's better!     
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