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Super Bowl LI (51) NFL Championship Game Thread


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    • Ballard is doing an amazing job, and IF Luck hadn't retired, well, things could have been much different, but he retired and things changed.   Remember Ballard had to deal with a depleted roster from Ryan Grigson and first he hed to clean up that mess. So far he's done an amazing job, and we have improved every season during his tenure.   Regarding the QB situation, well... Rivers may be one and done after this season with the colts, unless we trade up in the next draft and land a young QB that Rivers can mentor for his last season.   If that dont happen, I see him and the Colts trade for or try to land one of the following QB´s:   Dak Prescott - might be a free agent and give him the best O-line in the NFL and lets se what happens. Don't think the Cowboys will extend his contract as he's injured right now.   Sam Darnold - If the jets land the nr 1 pick and Trevor Lawrence get's drafted by the Jets, I see Ballard try to acquire Darnold.   Wildcard: Trubisky to the Colts in free agency. If Rivers need a new backup and the colts dont land a new QB in the Draft, Trubisky could be our new backup. Dont see him as a starter, but a backup behind rivers in his last season would be the perfect solution for both parties.   But overall Ballard is one of the best GM's in the league and I love whats he's done so far.      
    • Turnovers were a killer. Definitely agree with you there. 
    • He’s just deflecting away from the fact that he had a back take on the Colts not getting good mileage out of their draft picks under Ballard by trying to make it into Ballard vs Grigson even though my post had nothing to do with Grigson.  I just challenged his opinion on them not getting god mileage out of their picks on Ballard and he can’t back that up so he’s trying to twist it into an argument about something else.
    • You even backed up your insinuation with a warning to GoColts he didn't want to be on record around here with that.  It is simple. GoColts didn't go anywhere within the realm of what you are talking about. 
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