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6 minutes ago, oldunclemark said:

I'm certain...no team that I can find since the merger (that's 1968) has had a winning record staring 3 rookies in the O-line more than half the games..


...we have made progress this year..we have rebuilt our line..we need help defensively..lots of it.

Fans will be never become disinterested..Frustrated yes    ..Disinterested no


I credit the OL progress to basically having to draft almost all OL last year, so some of them had to pan out. And I'm not going to continuously argue with you. But I will never agree with you on this. As a fan, I can't continue supporting an owner who continues to settle for mediocrity and wasting Luck's career in a winnable division. That doesn't make me a bad fan. It simply makes me a fan who has a winner's expectation when you have a QB of Luck's caliber.

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1 minute ago, oldunclemark said:

Jacksonville has some hard core rough riders on defense..


Why do they lose????


They cannot sustain a high level of play when it matters in close games, same as Colts, we will see who makes plays in fourth quarter.

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