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Greatest Qb/coach Tandem

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This was a discussion on NFL.com and I personally think it is hard to compare different generations. As a Pats Fan I am VERY Biased on who I think the best tandem is, but I can see arguments for a lot of others like Walsh/Montana, Starr/lombardi, Knoll/Bradshaw. BB/Brady.

Now obviously I chose BB/Brady for a few reasons:

5 SB Appearances (Ties Elway for most appearances Brady)

3/4 SB titles (IF they win def solidifies them IMO)

6 AFCCG Games

No losing record since Brady started. (2000)

BB makes his case even better for himself when the team went 11-5 w Cassel as QB. I am wondering who people think is the greatest QB/Coach tandem of all time and why.

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I can't see how there is very much question in the Super Bowl Era.

The only pair I would I would counter with are Paul Brown and Otto Graham

THANK YOU! I knew I was missing a big one, didnt they win like 10 titles in 10 years w Graham coming out of retirement to lead them to the last one? Great choice... (although what a boring decade for fans of other teams lol)

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