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Opinions after Watching Bowls Yesterday

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These are the players that stood out to me that I had my eye on as a possible Colts 1st round selection in order of who I found most impressive.


1) Barnett - set the all time Vols career sack record yesterday.  One man wrecking crew.  Don't think he will fall to us.

2) Demarcus Walker - Didn't have the pass rush moves of Barnett, but still very impressive.

3) Dalvin Cook - one of the best rushers in FSU history and looked very LeVeon Bell like yesterday.

4) Solomon Thomas - Built like a beast.  Wish he would slide to the 2nd round.  Would look good on the other side of Barnett/Walker


I'm Barnett/Walker/Cook (one of them) will still be there in the 1st when we pick.


Depending on how Reuben Foster, does today.  I could see him moving above Walker and Cook, but not Barnett.  Barnett looked awesome.



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17 minutes ago, Carlos Danger said:

Barnett is really interesting... Do you think he fits our D as an OLB? I've heard some say that he's more of a 4-3 DE. 


Ive been hesitant to mock him to Indy up to this point because of our unknown draft position and his tweener reputation. 

He's around 265 lbs and about 6'3".  I have no idea how he is in coverage, but he can flat out get to the QB and can run down the RB.  I just can't see how the Colt's could pass up up on TN's all time sack leader if he falls.  If they are willing to take a chance on TJ Green, I would hope they would double down on Barnett.  He was literally hounding the QB 1 second after the ball was snapped.  He's dipped his shoulder and was past the OT before he barely had time to get out of his stance.  He was doing this from both sides of the line.


I liked the RB from TN as well.

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