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Robert Mathis as a positional coach


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5 hours ago, Imrryr said:

He stated he wants to come back and do something what are the odds he does and what can he do...if he wants to do anything i feel like he had that right lol


I think we are getting too carried away with what he said.  I think whatever the role it will be more ceremonial or community based type thing.  I think people are dreaming if they think he will be studying film and putting in the hours needed to be a full time positional coach.

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33 minutes ago, HectorRoberts said:

It seems like colts fans want former colt greats to be our whole coaching staff.

Well to be fair the ones we want are either first ballot hof are they will have a good shot of going. Mathis stated it even last year he wanted to coach and his knowledge for the position makes it hard to turn him away..

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