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In honor of the 10th Anniversary of the "Super Bowl XLI Championship" - welcome to "Throwback Thursday Trivia" - week 17 edition.


Which NFL notables assisted with the coin flip @ "Super Bowl XLI"?


(PS.  No fair looking it up online)

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The correct answer to the Week 17 trivia question:  Dan Marino and Norma Hunt (widow of Lamar Hunt - Kansas City Chiefs owner)


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    • When you take into consideration what Faulk did along with Bruce and Holt those may have been the best three headed combo in history.  The one receiver that was as good as Rice was Tim Brown. He just didn't play his career with QBs Montana and Young. He was just as talented. 
    • Duper and Clayton were a pretty good duo that get overlooked. 
    • I didn’t say you did.  I said they were.   Marvin is fifth in career catches and Wayne is 10th.  Bruce is 13th and Holt doesn’t make the top 13.   Holt is 16th in career yards and 36th in TDs.     So Harrison tops Bruce in catches and TDs while Bruce has the edge in yards.  I think TDs and catches are much more important than yards. Wayne tops Holt in everything and tops Bruce in catches.     As a duo give me Harrison and Wayne.   Moss and Carter is another good duo although it was short lived and the Steelers had Stallworth and Swann.  Those are the best sets I can come up with.     The Steelers have been good at producing stud WRs as a franchise but I am not sure I would take them over Harrison and Berry who are probably two of the top 10 WRs to ever play the game and Wayne who is also probably going to end up a Hall of Famer.  
    • Where did I say they were?  Harrison and Wayne were 9th and 10th in career yards while Bruce was 5th. Harrison was 5th in TDs while Wayne was 24th. Bruce was 12th.  So it's debatable.   
    • Wayne and Harrison were just as good.
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