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Superbowl "jerry Seinfeld" Commercial

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I don't think any Superbowl commercial could possibly top this one. It has the Soup Nazi, hollographic monkeys, and Jay Leno. Yea, you'll probably have to watch a commercial to watch the commercial, I know.

That's hilarious. A little something for everyone. The three things you mention do nothing for me, and it started a little slow, but by the speedboat bit.,,, :lol:

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    • I’m all on board with Taylor but this is another reason I am against high draft picks on backs.  In today’s game, you usually have to pass it in the end zone.   Frank is trying to force the run too much in general.  IMO.  Take it when it’s there, but don’t force it.  None of the running teams did well in the playoffs.   Defenses have adjusted.      
    • Thanks Steel City. On a totally different topic, you ref'd me in a now-closed thread (JB). I also find the whole conversation interesting lol. As you know, I wasn't a fan of JB last year (contract or sustainable performance), but I've also been a fan of his use this year, and have been pro bringing him back (on a team friendly back up deal). Never ever hated (disparaged in a non-stat/fact way) on him although I know most people put me in the hater category last year. While I still think the contract was poor value and poor risk, some of the stuff still being said is pretty silly. I'd take a repeat of 2020 (PR#1/JB#2 and GL) in a heart beat. It'll be interesting to see what happens. For JB's sake, I'd prefer him find a team that gives him a chance to start, but not sure there's a market for him right now. If he's not picked up, would love him back if he's willing to embrace the role he had in 2020.   Anyway, didn't mean to take this thread off topic, just wanted to reply to your post in that thread. 
    • Ebron is over 6 4 and is a better receiver than any of our bigs, so that shouldn’t be surprising.  Data also shows throws to tight ends are down league wide over the last 4 or so years.  One reason is because of all the nickel.   It’s not too hard to figure out.  We don’t threaten much in the edges of the field with our receivers or our QB. We need a true alpha receiver and/or a mobile QB.  Teams don’t have to do more than man up on our outside and can disregard rushing lanes and pocket containment when rushing.   We are limited in what we can call on the goal and in the red zone with our personnel.  This should be pretty clear.   Brady has 4.  Mahomes has 2 and forces the edge and buys time himself.  Rodgers and Allen both have one and both force the edge and buy time themselves.  
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