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Jay Kirk Baseball Thread since 2017: The 2021 season, Dodgers Repeat?

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Just wanted to let everyone know I still feel healthy, just working a lot. Hozer and I miss doing play by play of Cubs games on here and commenting on the games. Everything will be back to normal soon

I just got an anonymous call on my phone which I usually don't answer when I don't see a number I recognize. I answered it and the person said SOX and hung up.  I have no clue who it was  

As most of you know, I'm a Cardinals fan.  But you don't know that at one time I was a Cubs fan.  This was in the early 1980's while I was in college and got cable TV.  Our TV provider had WGN and sin

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1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Have you noticed I never criticize a player

I hadn't don't like lack of hustle Rose and can name others always did they would be right at second when it was caught.

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3 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

Someone in the crowd had a sign "Webby" for the Hall of Fame. The Mets announcers said they agreed. Who is Webby?


2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:




I heard it is Bill Webb and he has some connection to the Cubs. Was he a Cubs announcer?

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    • I put him at 5 cause Colts might have to trade up    It honestly could go either way though 
    • Stafford golladay williams basham
    • Thanks for the feedback   I hear both your concerns and they are definitely valid. About Lance starting year 1 - the moment we draft a 1st round QB, getting him ready to start as soon as humanly possible becomes priority no.1 for our coaching staff(the offensive side at least). It's very possible even with that attention he might not get ready if we have another weird off-season, so I have accounted for that with bringing back Brissett. I think he's a very good backup who can start if Lance is not ready. The reason why I got Brissett and not someone higher profile is because I don't want us to bring in a QB who will demand the starting spot when we are trading for a QB in R1. I want a competent competition, I don't want it to be decided from the start that the rookie will sit. IMO if you draft a QB high, you should be ready to put him in the moment he is ready to run your offense competently. IMO Brissett is in that sweet spot where he will give the rookie a run for his money, but won't usurp the spot and you will feel good about your rookie if he's on par with(or better than) a Brissett type. It would be a great start to his career.    The LT question and whether he will be ready is another one to take into account. My thought process here is - create multiple avenues for filling that spot. For me those would be - 1. Nelson(try him... you never know and you lose nothing if it doesn't work ... just get him back inside if he can't handle the LT spot), 2. FA - I'm bringing Ty Nsekhe to compete for the spot. He's been solid in spot duties for the Bills and has the profile to do the job... and is still young... and 3. the draft - Taven Jenkins is one of the players that I think can be a long-term solution at the position. Again .... no idea if he will be ready, but he will be part of the competition for the spot.   My hope here is that at least one of them will step up and be reasonable starter. 
    • Lance would be far cheaper than the vets
    • I like it, but have some comments / questions   1) Are you counting on Eason to be the QB of the future in this mock offseason?   2) I love the JJ Watt Pick up, he is probably 75% of what he was a few years ago, but he could be very versatile and would improve this defense   3) Counting on a late 2nd round to start at OT day one is a bit dangerous in my opinion - FA?   4) Unless the guy is an amazing talent that slipped, I would probably NOT add a RB as early in the draft as you did. (I like our top 3 RBs as they are)  Mack is going to want much $$$$ that we dont have.   Thanks again  
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