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Indianapolis Colts
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    • 49ers, hate to say it, remind me of the early Patriots dynasty years. All the defensive talent stockpiled, it seems like watching Patriots vs Colts of the early years when the 49ers play the Chiefs. We all know what happened.    49ers prevail in a close one with Kyle Shanahan finally doing what he did not during the last few minutes of the Falcons SB vs the Patriots, run the ball to ice the game.    49ers 30 Chiefs 24
    • Thinking the 49ers win, but I feel like I'm in the minority when I say I'm rooting for Kansas City.
    • Agree. Best QB today is where it stops. He still has to earn his stripes over time. 49ers are like the early Patriots, with all the defensive talent stockpiled, and that is why they will win the SB.   Plus, this is definitely not against you but in general, I get the vibe that colored QBs are held to a different standard w.r.t the cerebral aspect of playing QB and their physical talents are somehow dismissed as not something future QBs should embrace completely for playing the QB position, and their faults aren't forgiven as easily as traditional QBs, IMO. I see it when people pounce on Lamar Jackson, Mahomes and Watson, who are being stereotyped as physical freaks for their running and athletic skills but not what they bring new to the table for the QB position. The same thing happened with Russell Wilson too when he played on a real good Seahawks team, till he won the SB and followed up with consistent QB play over these last few years, he still runs to pass but in some people's minds, he is a running QB. I get the same sense while discussing Jordan Love vs other QBs in the draft. It is a sub-conscious thing people aren't aware of or don't wish to acknowledge, IMO. @Jules, when she was still posting here, before the 2012 draft, she was the one I remember pointing out that it was an easier sell for a Midwest crowd to sell Andrew Luck over RG3 even if they had the same pros and cons but thankfully, she said, Luck had more pros and made it an easier choice. 
    • I was comparing Mahomes to Peyton w.r.t the fact that people are dogging on him for being popular in a twitter/FB era where everything is magnified. Peyton was in every "cut that meat' commercial, Sprint "rocket arm" commercial, for having done what?? Finishing with a bunch of one and dones even when he had good teams around him?? That is what I was getting at, people embracing the attention that Peyton got because he was ours but cannot objectively do the same for Mahomes when he gets the attention.    Mahomes has Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce along with a bunch of speedsters who can run go routes with serviceable RBs while Peyton had Marvin Harrison and Edge by year 2, and went 1-and-done in Year 2, the first year he finished 13-3. Mahomes is changing the way the game is played out of the pocket where a foot of separation is just enough with his laser arm. Yes, it looks like backyard ball but the awareness to realize man coverage is disguised as zone coverage to use his legs and take off is still a significant after-the-snap read improvement he has shown along with the ability to take check downs from Year 1 to his RBs despite his arm that could get 50+ yards, something Peyton took a while to realize in playoff football. Peyton had several physical limitations he made up with his cerebral aspect, it doesn't mean Mahomes' physical talent advantage should be held against him as not being one of the ways the QB position can be played.    I feel both the Chiefs and Colts teams of Mahomes' era and Peyton's era so far are defensively deficient, with more weapons on the offensive side of the ball than defensive side of the ball with just enough guys to make plays on D. That is why, like the early Patriots, the 49ers will win the SB. Mahomes is still asked to do too much for that team.  
    • SF all the way. They have the DNA to win.
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