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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I had SF winning SB before season started. But I had Patriots losing. of course SF is winning. and the total will be under. it will be a dog fight but SF still wins by 13. Boring like last year
    • If someone is going to rely on traditional statistics (which aren't the best metric anyway), and that someone is going to hold that season against him (which is fair), then that same someone has to give him credit for his incredible '18 season, too.    
    • Pre-season games.   Local TV.   Not televised where you could pick it up.    Sling that.    You made the claim in the pre-season.   August.   I called you on it in August.   I've made the claim multiple times.   And now,  5 months later,  you come up with an explanation?   Sling box?    Now?    You couldn't have said that 5 months ago?    Or any other time I called you on it?     Now?  Nice try.   Quite honestly,  I've spent plenty of time writing long posts to you and it's a waste of my time.    You're not interested in anything that shows you're wrong.   You simply move the goal line.    You change the argument.     You did it in the previous exchange in the thread and you always act like you don't understand.   You made several posts last off-season saying Frank Reich was a poor play caller in 2018.   You made the claim in several different threads.    I called you on it.   The only game you pointed to was the KC playoff game.    That's it.   One game.   That's proof of nothing.   And now, your new argument is that posters here agree with you that Reich did a poor job in the KC playoff game.    My response is...    so?      That wasn't even your original argument.    You've dropped that and moved on.    Pretended you never said it.    Ask for me to go fishing for posts to prove you said it.    You said it alright.   Multiple times.    I called you on it multiple times.    Pretending you didn't say it now is simply par for the course for you.    I try to waste as little time on you as possible.    I try my best to ignore you, per Nadine's wishes.    I'm doing better,  but I reserve the right to point out the worst of your nonsense.  Perhaps not all of it,  only the most insulting.     Otherwise,  knock yourself out...   I'll try to avoid you.....   Good luck....  
    • For me the top of the draft is a lot more offensive heavy than what ive seen in the thread. I'd go: 1.Chase Young 2.Joe Burrow 3.Ceedee Lamb 4.Jeff Okudah 5.Jerry Jeudy 6.Isaiah Simmons 7. Tua 8.Mekhi Becton 9.Henry Ruggs 10:Derrick Brown  
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