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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Yeah I had him at #4, I liked TY, Funchess, and Campbell better going into the season. I just put Pascal 4th because I love his work ethic and his hands are decent. I liked him better than Cain or Rogers hence the #4.
    • But my point is...even if he could build around an average QB...why should he? For starters, no GM is good enough to build a consistent Super Bowl team without a legit QB. Dorsey was pretty damn good in KC...and those teams were talented...yet they won 1 playoff game in 4-5 years.   But if Ballard is truly a top 5 GM...then that's even more reason to shoot for a legit franchise QB...not settle on an average QB. A top 5 GM, a franchise QB and top tier coaching is the stuff of dynasties...or at the very least...multiple rings in a 5-6 year span. Why you intentionally put yourself at a disadvantage in one area...when you have clear advantages in other areas? Just seems like you are robbing Peter to pay Paul.   I mean...is he going to just stop being a good GM or just stop adding talent to the roster because they used resources on a QB? I have always thought this "great roster vs. great QB" debate was a false choice (sort of like FA vs. the draft). Why not have both? Sure there are opportunity costs and financial logistics involved in finding and keeping a top tier QB...but a savvy GM as good as Ballard is purported to be...should be able to overcome that...especially early on in that QB's contract...and especially when he's sitting on $100M in cap space.   We all got a taste of what an improving Ballard team with a top tier QB could look like last year...that's the direction I want to see this team take. 
    • I’ll admit that I didn’t think as highly of Pascal in the preseason as I do now, but I remember thinking he was a lock to make the roster because of how highly the coaches, specifically the WR coach, spoke of him around cut down time. But yeah, he’s definitely more than what I thought he was before now.
    • If the season ended today they would b picking round 17th.  There r possibly 8 teams ahead of them that could b looking at a qb. They will have to trade up to  most likely  get the guy they covet. Chargers Dolphins Raiders Jags Tampa Denver  Carolina and Bengals. There will b some coaching changes and we all know the coach wants to bring in his own guy. I know it sounds stupid but Dak maybe on a short leash.  He bet on himself and it appears to have blown up in his face. Say a Lincoln Riley goes to Dallas next year.  He will want his own guy. Should make for an  interesting draft
    • Going into the season there were some that thought Pascal wouldn't make the roster. I had him as a #4, he is good enough to be a #3 IMO. 
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