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Indianapolis Colts
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    • That is because he buys time unlike traditional QBs and his arm is unreal. With Peyton, if the WR gets a foot of separation 20 yards down the field, the DB still has a chance to make a play but with Mahomes' arm, you get slightly open and the ball is there. Always felt that was why, with DB contact allowed, a timing offense like Peyton suffered more than an offense like the Chiefs run, mainly because the separation is minimized with contact and it takes a little longer for Peyton's passes to get there than with Mahomes' passes. I felt the same way why Brady's incompletions when a defender jumped it were picks vs Peyton for the same reason. If Peyton had Favre's arm strength, he would have won more SBs, despite refs allowing more DB contact vs his pass catchers, IMO.   Look at these figures - Tyreek Hill 1 catch for 42 yards, and Kelce 3 catches for 23 yards was what happened in last year's AFCCG vs Patriots. Mahomes still found his other options who were nowhere the play makers that Hill and Kelce are and gave Belichick and his D fits in the AFCCG. He is not the second coming but his talent level floor is extremely high, and he is not just a backyard baller. 
    • Yeah, who the best QB for the O is, is another debate.    My point is that as soon as Ballard hires Reich to run a quicker paced O than what we had, he drafts a LG who can give us a pocket for 6 seconds, IOW, a pocket perfect for a long developing Chud/Arians or Manning type of O.  Or a Tennessee type of O with power blocking (and CB said that he likes the way TN and BUF have built their teams).   KC does not have a great Oline.  They make up for that by having a QB who makes having a great oline a fairly decent waste of capital.   Sorry folks, I just don't see us getting a Mahomes-like  star QB, given where we have already invested our recent draft capital and Ballard's comments
    • I don't know why any player who has even the slightest chance to go in the first round or even the second round would go back and play another year. I mean what did it do for Herbert last year? How many players has it bit? I know coaches do their best to keep their players but its a relatively selfish decision IMO.
    • One of the craziest stats of all time!
    • We don’t even have an above avg game manager, we at least need to fix that starting point. I’m more than fine with having an oline who shreds big open holes consistently for the run game and allow the QB to PAP off of that into wide open zones to our TE’s or quick hitters with our speedy guys. JB doesn’t give us that even very well. 
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