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    • Lol, reminds me of the scene from Million Dollar Baby. Eastwood  telling Hillary Swank about her opponent,  "she's younger, and more experienced than you". I loved that movie but not the ending.   About Reich, your right about him not being creative though in a interview he said the offense would be. The offense is actually opposite of what he said it would be... if you pay attention  to the obvious best offenses like KC, Rams etc... the difference is night & day on the creativity and playcalling.  True he doesn't have the best playmakers at his disposal which makes more sense to not be so predictable. 
    • Lamar is good but to me isn't a great passer. If you stop the run you limit his abilities.
    • We had the first Zenith color TV in the neighborhood.  1964.  I can't remember the size, but it was a beautiful wooden console, with this funky four button remote.  We'd have friends and family come over on Sunday nights to watch Bonanza.   My memory may be a bit off, but I think there weren't too many shows in color in those days.   We weren't well off.  Probably middle class at best.  But both parents worked.
    • I'm hoping he opens up things for Taylor soon. I believe he's averaging about 15 carries and I want to see that number go up.
    • Brady was 5-0 vs Manning till Manning started winning and it ended up at 11-5 in favor of Brady eventually.
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