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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • It's not about giving him a pass. It's about saying stuff like 'Ballard's teams have a losing record' or 'what's he doing at QB,' which is nonsense.   They took Eason in the 4th, then spent the summer talking about how he needed to win a spot on the active roster. I don't think anyone is looking at Eason as "the guy." It would be cool if things worked out that way, but I think it's a mistake to count on it. If we still had Luck, and drafted Eason, he'd be viewed as a developmental guy who might have some value for us at some point. That's how I view him now.   As for Herbert, realistically speaking, we would have had to get up to #4. Neither the Dolphins nor the Chargers were moving from #5 or #6. That conversation probably starts with two firsts. I really like Herbert, if we were gonna move up for a QB I would have wanted it to be for him, but it's hard to imagine Ballard giving up the haul it would take to get there.    We do need a long term solution. I'm just saying, until September of last year, we thought we had a long term solution. It's been one offseason without Luck. It's not a massive failure on Ballard's part that we didn't find "the guy" in 2020. Like you said, gotta put a pin in it for right now, and we'll see what happens next offseason.
    • Great point that says a lot.   I've believed throughout the past two seasons that Ballard himself thinks less of his roster and draft success than the fans do.  I don't think his moves last season had anything to do with thinking the Colts were close to a SB.  I think he brought in a competent QB like Rivers because he could not last another season with such incompetent play like JB.   IOW, he brought in Rivers to be able to go 8 and 8 and be competitive in the losing games while still building the roster...part of which was reloading on his whiffs..  Avoiding a repeat the second half of last season where the Colts were terribly outmatched any time the other team chose to put on the gas.   He wouldn't have trade for Buckner unless Buckner could play for another 5 years.  It wasn't a mortgage the future to win now trade of a first round pick. 
    • I'm saying that now and always. Give me a Super Bowl this season and I would be fine with a few seasons of "train wreck"
    • good chance phil will be back next year in my opinion   i dont think #1 gets traded this year, you dont do that with a player like Trevor Lawrence. that would be like trading Luck.   id be willing to trade up for Fields, no more than 2 firsts plus late picks 
    • 1 is the only team with bye   2 vs 7 3 vs 6  4 vs 5   1 plays lowest seed remaining
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