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5 minutes ago, csmopar said:
6 minutes ago, csmopar said:

they said 7 on the radio. and I know for a fact he had 2 last week alone.

they said 7 on the radio. and I know for a fact he had 2 last week alone.

Some people count tough balls that probably should have been caught that weren't. When it comes to those it really is in the eye of the beholder. I'd talking about legit open drops well within a receivers catching radius where he doesn't have to contort his body and twist his arms back.


I'm talking a receiver runs a route finds himself open the ball hits him in the hands in his catch radius because everyone has a different catch radius and he drops it before he gets hit

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    • I believe he was. However, this is like year 2 of Tell's contract and development, so bringing Carrie back will give him an additional year to develop. Maybe he makes the team, maybe he gets placed on the practice squad. I have a feeling he isn't going to be expected to play too much this year unless he proves it in OTA's and preseason, or unless there are a couple injuries.    Plus, Kenny Moore plays slot and TJ Carrie is a backup slot CB. So if Moore is specifically hurt, Carrie could probably fill in Moore's spot 75% as good as he could. That alone is worth $2 million this year.
    • I did wonder in 97 after he took full control of the team, how close were we to a Jim Irsay owner/gm situation? It honestly had to be a powerful temptation. 
    • Surprised he’s back.  I thought he was brought in last year because of Tell opting out but i am not mad or disappointed he’s back.
    • So far, so good.  He bought us some time at CB, bolstered the OL depth, added an exciting prospect at QB,  And even tho 1 year deals, i thought Rhodes and Carrie was big.  Also TY and Mack.  I liked what we brought back.  I think Houston is a good possibility too.  If that happens i feel prettygood going into draft.   Ballard isnt done. Its a good draft for WRs and OL.  This not only helps us in draft, but there will be some interesting cuts later at the positions as well.     I’m ok with us being quiet early on for the BIG contracts that rarely cashin.   Sign our own, make wise fiscally prudent choices that fit our scheme and locker room, and provide depth at all positions for competition.  Looks to me like he’s doing just that.  Now going into draft focus on LT and edge rush primarily and maybe try to improve WR , DL, and TE positions. Maybe target CBfor future. Other than that, i think the roster is pretty exciting.
    • 1) Agreed 2) If he does expect Leonard to b moved. 3) Could c that 4) I think he will go earlier 5) He is possibly better than Ramsey coming out. Back problem or not, a team will take a chance on him. If he is there at 21, Ballard better pick him
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