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Didn't get to see the game this week. (Glad I didn't I guess) Did Kelly get injured?

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    • Actually if you look at the entire picture since the divisions got re-aligned in 2002 we would be the only team out of the 4 teams (others being the Texans, Titans, and Jags) that have even been relevant. Those other teams have never even played in a SB (Titans did in 1999) but I am talking since the AFC South was formed. We have been to 2 SB's and won 1. No other teams have ever been scared of the Texans, Titans, or Jags I would be safe to say but when we had Peyton that were scared poopless to face us and even when we had a healthy Luck teams were scared as well. In 2018 when we won the playoff game at Houston with Luck that showed everyone that we were the better team when healthy. Houston was loaded that season with Watson, Hopkins, Watt, and Clowney and the game was over at halftime with Luck healthy.   As long as we make the playoffs it doesn't even bother me that we don't win the division. A lot of teams that win their division stink it up in the playoffs. I would rather make a Title Game or a SB than win my division if I had to choose between the choices. 
    • Based on this, we can actually get the Browns' 1st rounder No.26 and pick No.91 for our pick No.21 if we move back just 5 spots, I like it     I have read Rich Hill's articles on PatsPulpit. He is good with numbers. Of course, there will always be a Patriots bias on a Patriots SB Nation article, especially when there are gray areas for interpretation but the quality of his numbers he puts out is a good one. Similarly, I like Scott Kacsmar articles too.    Ultimately, in trades, two hands need to be willing to clap based on a value agreed. The rest is pundit and draft day fan speak fodder.
    • There have been times in the recent years, where the secondary looked confused and out of position. I hope this coach can eliminate those mistakes. Maybe it was just that the players were young or not used to playing together. 
    • If he plays bad and we start something like 1-4, this forum will implode. Rivers was good this past season for a 38 yr old, Luck was very good when he played, Peyton was a top 3 QB of all-time, who knows what we have here in reality? Can Wentz play at least as good as Rivers did or will he be like JB = a .500 QB?? 
    • Drafting Montez Sweat would have been Sweet instead of trading down. Hopefully, Rock and Banogu develop and show something in 2021.
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