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Just now, Gabriel Alexander Morillo said:

Jesus christ. just run a draw and pray osweiler throws a pick 6. Our offense did not come to play today 


Yeah they're looking very bad.  I know the Texans D is good but the Colts O is just playing flat out bad ball. 

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Literally its NOT THAT HARD to down a punt inside the ten! If you are approaching the end zone and the ball has popped up off the ground, you simply HIT it back to your teammates! No need to try to tip toe the line or try to catch it or whatever. I would take a 80% chance at a 5 yard placement over a 40% 1 yard placement ANY DAY

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    • Of course i dont want them to win. I just dont think its going to a massive blowout like most people are predicting. Then anyone who had been here for an extended period of time knows when this team doesn't perform the way people think it should,  this forum becomes a toxic sludge pool lol. To me its absolutely comedic watching the same people with completely polar opposite opinions on a week to week basis depending on teams performance.
    • Of course I dont want them to win. I just highly doubt it's going to be a huge blowout like most people are predicting. Then as per usual it will be fun to come and watch all the people implode and talk about how bad we are.
    • On the 3rd clip  of the bottom tweet you can see that Nelson has great balance.  It looks like he was going to try to engage the defender and then held back to get closer.   Well, either that or he was just trying to scare him away, lol.
    • Actually, that was the concern with him coming into the league.  He was seen as fragile and that is probably why he slid to #15. Ballard took a chance and it didnt work out
    • After a dominating performance at home against the Vikings, the Colts were showered with some praise of the national writers.    NFL.com: 16    ESPN: 16   CBSSports: 17   Bleacher Report: 17   Sports Illustrated: 19   Yahoo Sports: 16    
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