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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

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2 hours ago, oldunclemark said:

The Jets win was an illusion ..Jets are down 14-0 at SF in the first 4 minutes


Yeah, that's why I was trying to temper expectations last week.  It's not because I wanted to rain on the parade, but some people were taking waaaaaaay too much out of that game.  That game said much more about the Jets than it did the Colts.  The Jets simply did not come to play.  They quit.  They were playing more to avoid contact than they were to make plays.  It was a good win for the Colts, but the Jets are a train wreck right now and putting a beat down on them really doesn't say all that much.  Unfortunately, this Colts team is simply not very good.

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    • I hear what you're saying, and I don't disagree.  I'm reacting to the message Ballard's recent actions in particular are sending.  I'm not saying I agree or even like it very much
    • This team  is fading fast in close games, now they have bank an inconsistent kicker to win close games. Game, set, match.  Top five pick for sure.
    • Theres probably some truth in that, and that worries me more than anything.   Folding up camp at the halfway point, with a winning record, in a winnable division is contrary to what we were led to believe this organization is about.   If what you suggest is true the "rivalry is not back on".  The idea that theres no quit in this team, top to bottom character matters,  that lockerroom culture matters and must be protected, that they prove their way through adversity,  and "1,2,3 family" simply wouldnt be true.  The culture they've said they're building becomes the palest illusion.   If what you suggest is true the colts are tanking worse than the dolphins, and wont be able to evaluate effectively because they aren't running an organization that believes in it's own professed culture.   If they're just playing out the string it means they've decided to evaluate players in a losing environment not a winning one.  They wont see the best of anyone under those circumstances.     Not saying you're wrong but if they're at that point already, under these circumstances.......irsay may as well just fire everyone and move it london.  Beckham can kick for us, hes close to 50 right?
    • The bottom line is they think losing him would be a bigger detriment in the locker room then if they just let him play it out. I am almost willing to bet they have talked to teams leaders to gauge if there is any back lash going on with AV. From the way it sounds so far the players are blaming how they are playing more then they are blaming themselves.
    • that's exactly what we should not be doing.   have you ever heard the phrase "perfect is the enemy of good?"  Well until the perfect quarterback comes around I'm perfectly satisfied with the good one we already have.   And I really think that squandering the draft assets to chase an ephemeral perfect Qb will hamstring us in other areas.   The microscope some of you guys hold Brissett under is abolutely ridiculous, expecting him to do things that maybe 4 QB in the entire league are actually capable of or you dismiss him as "average" or "a career backup."  It's honestly pathetic at this point.   Exactly 0 of the QBs that won Superbowls in the last 15 years were guys drafted to be the perfect QB.  15 of those 15 teams had a QB with flaws -- even Manning had his share of flaws by the time he won one, with his age mounting and his health starting to deteriorate.   We wasted a lot of time in the Manning era chasing Superbowls with a QB heavy team and living in denial about how bad certain areas of the team were, especially on D, because Manning bailed it out.  Cost us over and over again against the Patriots until 06 when we finally managed to eke one out against them.   Then we draft Luck and repeat those same mistakes until we break Luck down and wear him out trying to cover for all the flaws we refuse to admit are there until he retires.   There IS a reason our internet nickname is "the Glue Factory."  We are not kind to our horses at times, and overoptimistically expect too much of key producers while providing too little support.  And our solution to any problem, especially at QB, is to throw it away and draft another one.  The whole league is bad about this but we're among the worst.   Just once I'd like to see the fans of this franchise admit that there's more to winning football games than having a QB and that the solution to all team problems is not to throw the QB into the woodchipper and draft another one.    It's infuriating to be the fan of the second worst team in the league when it comes to this attitude (second only to the Jets) and watch it unfold in realtime again and again.  And they DON'T learn, and they will NEVER learn unless they're called out, and probably not even then.
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