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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

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Just now, oldunclemark said:

Had to throw it high....Moncrief wasnt open...take th '3'


He put it where only Moncrief had any chance of getting that, I'd prefer that to the underthrow.

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Well at least we got 3. Would have preferred 7, but will take it.  Now up to the D to stop the texans again.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • Oh, the players already know that, regardless of who starts jn The present, past, future, they are well aware JB isn't a true #1 leader at the qb going forward.  Stop gap? Sure... If there's an endgame.
    • This list does not fit the narrative you are trying to put forward.  Only 2 would even be close and even they had chances.    Browns and Redskins don't even count; they are dysfunctional franchises who had plenty of chances but couldn’t get out of their own way.   Dolphins, Titans, and Bears all could have had good QBs if not for trying for retreads, sticking with a player too long (Mariota, Tannehill), and/or missing when they had good players available to draft (Ryan, Mahomes, Watson). Also jury still out on Trubisky.   Vikings and Broncos have not had the best luck with QBs lately, but they have also lingered in the mediocre to good record zone a lot which doesn't help them getting a high draft pick for QB . They also got a few good seasons out of retreads which helped them in the short term, but not the long term. Although in the Broncos case I am sure they will take their SB with PM.   I will give you the Jets, they have had some bad luck. When they did have good picks there wasn’t much available; although jury still out on Darnold (also they could have taken Lamar Jackson). Buffalo also had some bad luck for a few years, but they also blew their chance to draft Mahomes (though Allen may still turn into something).   During the last few years all these teams have had periods where they had a player/or players  as good or better than JB and it didn't amount to much other than keeping them from a top draft pick. If you don't have an very good - elite QB you are just playing the lottery hoping for one of those all the stars perfectly aligned runs that rarely happen.
    • Thanks for this.   My favorite part is his tackle at 5:30.  
    • Not a big deal.     Brissett puts fans in an odd position.   He is almost the definition of average.  His QB rating is average.  His yards per game is below average but his INT % is above average.  So I can understand supporters and detractors.  
    • Sorry, must not have scrolled up enough and accidentally grabbed it from where you quoted 2006bestcoltsever. 
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