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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

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Just now, oldunclemark said:

Had to throw it high....Moncrief wasnt open...take th '3'


He put it where only Moncrief had any chance of getting that, I'd prefer that to the underthrow.

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Well at least we got 3. Would have preferred 7, but will take it.  Now up to the D to stop the texans again.

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    • Go with Brissett against the Saints.  There is still a shot at the playoffs.   Assuming we lose that game, start Kelly the last 2 games.  There is no downside.   It gives the fans what they want.  It gives the coaches and Ballard a look at what Kelly is.  Worst case is that we lose both games and gain draft position.   It's not tanking.    If Kelly doesn't get some playing time, I think we go into next season with Jacoby as the starter and Hoyer as the back up again.  They signed Hoyer to a 3 year $12 million contract with $9 million guaranteed.  
    • One of two things will happen with Luck. He'll either return next year (I can see Irsay making a plea to him based on our QB position and so we don't have to draft a QB) or he'll stay permanently retired. This is a perfect chance for him to return where INDY will welcome him back with open arms. It's next year or never for Luck.
    • Another wide or TE! Why? JB would not throw the ball to them unless it was to late! JB is to timid. He's scared to fail. Therefore, we have to have another QB. If we don't, i believe it will be major mistake. Oh, for all of you JB hine kissers, if you don't like threads like this don't read them. I don't care what you dislike! If you can't see the weakness in JB then ....... WOW!
    • Last time he was seen was at the Colts facility during the bye week. He was JACKED! Looked bigger, like a baby Hulk.
    • Chad Kelly needs to play the final 3 games. Houston and Tenn are both 8-5 and will face Sunday, so we are eliminated anyway. Play Kelly and see what you have in him. If we're lucky, he'll look great and we won't have to draft a QB early in the draft next year. Nothing to gain from starting Brissett and Hoyer. Brissett is regressing and Hoyer is who he is. See what you have in Kelly.
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