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    • I'm not sure about this one. Pete Carroll of course has had some success, and there's been some good coaches to cross over, but there's also been quite a few college coaches who have flamed out in the NFL as their message and style gets old with the players and administration fast.    Success stories: -Jimmy Johnson -Pete Carroll -Paul Brown -Bill Walsh -Tom Coughlin -Dennis Green   The Bad: -Lou Holtz -Bobby Petrino -Steve Spurrier -Nick Saban -Butch Davis -Dennis Erickson -Mike Riley -Chip Kelly   John Harbaugh could probably fit into both lists depending on the context. I'm missing a lot more I know.     
    • Nope. I agree. Jury is still out on Pittman. He might not even turn out to be a solid Z. It might have a little to do with the injury he sustained, but overall call me not impressed. Most times with receivers it's one of two things on why they are not popping consistently. 1) they are not game planned enough. This speaks volumes to trust from an OC and even the QB if the QB is a veteran as veterans have pull in trying to get their guy the ball. 2) The receiver just isn't good enough to consistently separate or find the holes in the coverage. *For what it's worth I believe the second explanation is what is wrong with Pittman.    Most will say he's just a rookie with no offseason blah, blah, blah   That's nonsense. Lamb, Claypool, Jefferson, Ajyuk, and Shenault before injury are studs. Jeudy had his moments but Drew Lock is not really that good. Ruggs major disappointment and Pittman very below average. I'm sure I might be missing some good rookies from this year and a couple more bad but I'm not sold on Pittman. That's why I'm pounding gavel for #1 wideout priority. 
    • We have the 2nd most capspace in the league with almost a dozen teams at or over the cap. This after suffering a 30 million dollar cap hit due to Covid that no one for saw coming just a year ago.    id say we’ve done pretty well. Especially given that we carried Lucks salary thru 2019 of 25 million. 
    • Would you call Reggie Wayne an X receiver?     Reggie looked putrid for 2, almost 3 seasons before he finally exploded. I say give Pitman time, because it’s too early to judge one way or the other. He could just be another guy, or he could explode into a force. Plus with the way Rivers plays, spreading it out and such, we may not truly know what we have in any of our WRs until Rivers is gone. Not saying rivers is bad or anything, he just spreads it around, ALOT
    • Very true!   But in terms of "franchise looking" QB's.. Colin Cowher nicely painted the Picture that they all reside in the AFC..   Mahomes 25 Watson 25 Mayfield 25 Allen 24  Burrow 24 Jackson 23 Herbert 22 *Lawrence 21   Just bad timing for the Colts franchise with what happened last year. in 2017 if you said Brady and Roethlisberger would be out of the AFC we'd be like.. we have a shot to dominate! Philip is such a good QB, but I feel like when all the kids on the playground move across the town to a different one and you aren't allow to go that far  
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