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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Keep telling yourself you're winning these arguments with me.   Keep repeating it to yourself.    Over and over.   Because that's realy what this battle is all about.     You refuse to admit you're wrong -- ever.   I noticed you didn't do this 5 months ago when the pre-season game was played.    You could've done this back then.    And you could've shown me the video of the game.   5 months ago. But what?     It didn't occur to you then?      It only occurs to you now?    5 months later?   After I've publicly ripped you on this multiple times.   By the way,  the game wasn't in Indy.    It was on the road.    I don't believe it was shown in Indy.      But whatever.     You've got no credibility with me.    None.    You've blown that over and over and over again.....         LOL and good luck....   p.s. --- by the way,  you've already admitted to me that there are regular season games that you haven't seen.    You said, you're traveling.   On a plane or out of the country.     Why aren't you recording them and watching them later?    Why should you EVER miss a game?    And yet,  you said you've missed games.   So, which is it?    Maybe you didn't have SlingBox until recently?    I don't know, and I don't care.    It's just another inconsistancy that I've caught you in.    There are too many of those to count.   Again....   LOL and good luck!  
    • As I said before,  in fact, my previous post,   I've been calling you out on this repeatedly for five months.    And only NOW are you claiming Slingbox.    You could've said it in Aug/Sept.    You could've said it during the season.    But now,  after repeated call outs,  NOW you come up with Slingbox.     Sorry,   you may fool others here with your nonsense,  but I'm wise to you.    And I publicly call you on it over and over.   As for being technologiy challenged,  I am.   I don't know how to use the archive function here to find your posts.    But even if I did,  I wouldn't waste my time.   I've spent plenty of time writing long posts to you that you casually dismiss without reading.    You even admit to not reading them,  they're too long for you.    So, sorry,  I'm not wasting my time on you -- period.   The only opinion you truly value is.....   yours.    And anyone who agrees with you.   That's it.   Anyone who opposes you is an enemy and is treated as one.    Fine.   But I can go toe to toe as much as you like.   But Nadine would prefer us NOT to try for a love-connection.   We should avoid each other as much as possible.    Your call....   Good luck....  
    • Having the second pick in the draft didn’t hurt either...   This is what the NFL is built on.  Being able to turn things around quickly and go from worst to first.  This was like when the Colts were 2-14 and got Luck and went 11-5 the next season.  The problem is getting those types of guys at 13 is hard to do.  
    • That’s awesome have fun man!
    • Irsay has always said draft decisions are made as a team between the GM, the coaching staff, and him.  No question Ballard is the leader in there on this but Irsay and Reich will have a major say.  That’s also what owners look for when they hire a GM.  A guy they can work with.  Irsay tends to let the football guys make the final calls but he likes to be involved in the process.  So I don’t see it as being an issue about pushing as much as it will be about the team coming to an agreement.  Dungy talked about this when he said he had to sell Polian on Freeney and Polian had to sell him on Sanders in the draft as an example.  That’s part of why I think Grigson and Pagano failed as it sounds like they didn’t mesh as a team very well.
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