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    • Yup. This was a good exercise to get folks thinking. I think the best time to do a board mock is a few weeks before the draft, after a lot of the FA dominos has tumbled. I almost did a flash mock last year the week before draft. Short clock, and perhaps scheduled windows
    • The "pundit" wrote his statement as if Rhodes were still on the team and not a street free agent. I was not saying we are set, we have talent. However, the premise was that the national pundit didn't even know Rhodes is a street free agent! National mocks, of course!
    • Manning and Brady, or I should say QB in general, is not a good comp. QB is a singular position which the entire O goes through, and is typically the face/leader of the team, and plays every snap. And then add on top of that PM and TB are 2 of the greatest ever and were able to play every game, all game.. And plugging them in to a team is very different than plugging in a guy who would be one of 4 on the DL, and likely playing only around 60% of snaps.    Like I said, love to have him on a reasonable deal. I just don't see him being generous enough to make it work. I'd recommend looking at our ammo (2 early draft picks, 42ish M in cap), and solving for the holes we need to fill (2xDE, LT, WR1 and 4, CB1 and 4, MIKE, TE).    I really do think most of the team will be put back together from last year. Rhodes will get a good raise, Autry and/or Houston likely, or at minimum one (similar $ to last year). TY is really the only one I don't envision being back. Perhaps Walker moves on too, but we'll need to fill that hole as Oke doesn't look to be the 3 down answer. Anyways, lot of high dollar holes, with decent, not great ammo. I'm hoping they go DE in the 1st, LT in the second. Back to the question above, how would you allocate the draft picks and $, while filling all the holes, and making it work with Watt.
    • Pundits as far as my recollection has always referred to the media folks.....wow, a lot of folks in an uproar over nothing!
    • I personally see where Doug is coming from. Watson wants out but shouldn't have signed the contract. HOU doesn't have to trade him and shouldn't. If not for any other reason than to set the precedent. Both parties will have to look bad because neither should back down. This for Colts fans is perfect off-season entertainment. 
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