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    • Tom Brady has now been in a Super Bowl for 1/3 of my life... 
    • Consensus formed last year too, about Rivers coming here ... and he did!   I am hoping lightning strikes twice about growing consensus and Stafford becomes reality, maybe getting here at a bit less of a price, with Rodgers apparently now being in play.
    • Ok but why would that be a reason for the fans to be excited and/or satisfied? I'm a fan, not a pro QB. As an example, using the Bills, I have witnessed the Bills in the past three years go get John Brown, Cole Beasley, and Stephon Diggs, and even though Brown might be moving on from the Bills this offseason(if they release him) based on Davis stepping up, those three guys are light years ahead of what the Colts have and here's the kicker... The Colts could have had them ALL. One each year just like the Bills. A solid set of the entire WR tree on full display yet the Colts have chose to just grab a guy here and there with no plan.... This is the issue concerning the wideouts and it has to be changed immediately before any QB talk should ensue
    • I'd prefer to wait until after 2021 before guaranteeing him more money. 
    • As far as I know there's exactly zero credible or substantiated rumors about those first 3 rings.  a few insane people refuse to let go of a long-since walked back rumor by bitter Rams players about some kind of locker room bugging incident, that's pretty much the extent of it.  As far as I know Marshall Faulk is literally the only man in the world that actually believes them.   The two big cheating scandals with any legs to them are the 2007 Spygate thing, which obviously has no net effect on Brady's legacy because it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Brady, Belichick got smacked down for a technical violation for exactly how he was taping a walkthrough that everyone else was taping too.  It was a front office gaffe almost exclusively.   And then there's Deflategate, which frankly in my experience turned into more and more and more of an absolute nothing the more I learned about it.    Best case scenario?  Footballs were deflated, a crime so egregious it happens or is accused of happening nearly every year (IIRC since Deflategate, all of the Steelers, Jets, Giants, Seahawks, Broncos and Bears have had either minor PSI irregularities in their footballs or been accused of having them)   Worst case scenario?  The PSI were actually irregular due to the unusually cold weather in the game, and the league bungled the measurements and then tried so hard to refuse to admit it that they dragged one of their stars through the mud for years over what's ultimately an extremely minor violation of the rules.   Not actually sure which I prefer, but neither looks particularly good, and starting the whole mess doesn't look good on the Colts either (if you can't win, whine?  That's how we want to be seen?)
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