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Hi, Colts fans!   :)   Our Indianapolis Colts continue to stay in the hunt in the AFC South, as they host the 5-5 Tennessee Titans, with Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray in the rematch at LOS (the building).  Colts QB Andrew Luck and the Colts defense scored two touchdowns with 1:55 and 55 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, to come from a 26-17 deficit, to win 31-26 in the earlier meeting played at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, back on  October 23.  


Colts lead the all-time series with the Titans/Oilers franchise with 30 wins and 14 losses in today's 45th all-time regular season meeting. Colts have dominated the Titans since December 28, 2008, winning 15 of the last 16 games, and our Colts are on a 10-game regular season winning streak, the only blemish and loss, at 27-10 Titans win at then LP Field in Nashville, back on October 30, 2011.


Lucas Oil Stadium's roof may still be closed to protect everyone and everything from the outside elements for this afternoon's 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because outside the stadium area in Downtown Indianapolis, sunny and clear skies is forecast at 37 degrees, feels like 30 degrees, along with 0% precipitation, 45%humidity, and west/northwestern winds at 11 miles per hour.  


NO injuries to both the Colts and Titans.  Try to win your fifth game at .500, sweep the Titans in front of your home fans, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!   :rock: :coltslogo:     :cheer::1colts:   :colts:   :coltshelmet:     :cheer::coltslogo:  







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Thanks LOS.


Big game. Could essentially put the Titans bid for the division (at least from us) away. A loss would put us at 1-3 in the division and would require Houston to go 3-4 or worse for the Colts to have a chance. As bad as I think Houston is, doubt they go worse than 3-4.

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    • Instead of starting a new thread, I figured I would just post this here. It is a good thread to do so. After analyzing every team we have had since the 2000 season, looking at statistics of each of those years, talent we had on those teams, and by my memory's eye sight I ranked them from worst to best, here they are: 21. 2011 (2-14) - worst team 20. 2017 (4-12) 19. 2019 (7-9) 18. 2001 (6-10) 17. 2015 (8-8) 16. 2016 (8-8) 15. 2010 (10-6) 0-1 playoffs 14. 2000 (10-6) 0-1 playoffs 13. 2002 (10-6) 0-1 playoffs 12. 2012 (11-5) 0-1 playoffs 11. 2013 (11-5) 1-1 playoffs 10. 2018 (10-6) 1-1 playoffs 9. 2008 (12-4) 0-1 playoffs 8. 2020 (11-5) 0-1 playoffs 7. 2014 (11-5) 2-1 playoffs/AFC Title Game app. 6. 2007 (13-3) 0-1 playoffs 5. 2004 (12-4) 1-1 playoffs/Manning 49 TD's that season 4. 2003 (12-4) 2-1 playoffs/AFC Title Game app. 3. 2009 (14-2) 2-1 playoffs/AFC Champions 2. 2005 (14-2) 0-1 playoffs, more talent than the 2009 team. 1. 2006 (12-4) 4-0 playoffs/SuperBowl Champions, best because they closed.   -Interesting since the 2000 season, our regular season record is 208-128. Playoff record is 13-15. The 208 regular season wins rank 4th most out of 32 franchises, the 13 playoff wins rank 7th most out of 32 franchises. The franchises that are ahead of us in those categories are: Regular Season wins 1. New England Patriots = 244 regular season wins   2. Pittsburgh Steelers = 217 regular season wins   3. Green Bay Packers = 210 regular season wins    4. Indianapolis Colts = 208 regular season wins   Playoff wins 1. New England Patriots = 30   2. Baltimore Ravens = 16   3. Pittsburgh Steelers = 15   4. Green Bay Packers = 14, Philadelphia Eagles = 14, Seattle Seahawks = 14   7. Indianapolis Colts = 13    SB wins since the 2000 season 1. New England Patriots = 6   2. Pittsburgh Steelers = 2, Baltimore Ravens = 2, NY Giants = 2, Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 2    6. Indianapolis Colts have 1, tied with the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, KC Chiefs.   I guess our franchise over the last 21 seasons (2000-2020) going by these categories would be considered great. Something some should think about before criticizing our franchise or Mr Irsay.      My long historic post for the morning 
    • Heres another Ojulari type of guy that i like. His name is Malcolm Koonce. Same issue although i think hes a tad bit bigger than Ojulari in terms of weight. Comes from the same school as Khalil Mack. Actually built and moves like Mack. They list him as more of a 3-4 backer but he is so quick and agile i think it could work in a 4-3. Justin Houston type. He was in the Senior Bowl but i dont have clips. I think Buffalo ran the same 3-4 type system when Mack was there and he ended up going to the Raiders plaing in a 4-3 system so it could possibly work. Koonce is really quick.          
    • I really like that and tried something similar in in PFF's simulator.    I'd rather go WR or TE with the 3rd pick though and pick up a promising CB later, but, I confess, I don't value CB very much so that's probably just me. 
    • I would say my draft crush is Greg Newsome, CB, Northwestern. He's fast, athletic, a great player, well coached, and never out of position. 6'1 190, perfect scheme fit for us. Ballard visited his pro day and loves him. Great RAS. Great combine. He can even defend the run. My favorite CB in the draft. Take a look at him if you haven't already.
    • I'm thinking the Chiefs or Packers would do it. Packers could go after Newsome, Farley, Toney, or Bateman at 21. Chiefs could go after an O-Lineman at 21. Especially if Teven Jenkins made it to us. I'd hate to lose him, but he's more of a RT anyway, so I'd trade down in a heartbeat to get a 3rd. Might even get a day 3 pick next year as well from the Chiefs.
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