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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Purely my opinion, but you trade down when either 1) your roster overall is bad and have a ton of areas in need of upgrade, and/or 2) the positions that are in need of upgrade, are very deep in the particular draft.    I think the last couple years we've had "overhaul" needs, and additional medium picks were more important than high picks. IMO, the roster is a lot more balanced/solid in terms of starters and depth.   At some point, you need to use the high picks for the big needs, and for game changing talent. We have a big need at QB, and need a game changing talent at iDL, so IMO, we won't trade back this year. If anything, we could trade up. I'm not really talking about trading our 1st to move up. I'm talking about packaging both our 2s to get back into the top 20 of the 1st. 
    • Why though? Like... why would you let a player that's on his way out determine who your NEXT QB should be? This is what I don't get? IMO if you are searching for your next QB, your decision should be ONLY about that new QB. It doesn't matter who he's going to sit behind... Jacoby or Rivers... you still want to draft the best possible QB in the draft, you still want to draft the QB you love the most. If they love Eason the most, then so be it...    I guess we'll see... 
    • If they sign Rivers, I'm guessing they would also draft a QB, just maybe not a QB everyone is talking about.    I have a feeling it might go like the following.  Khari Willis - Ballard said he had Willis graded as high as safeties that went earlier.  Ballard will draft Eason or someone, say something similar and everyone will be happy and fall in line.  "BDB had a similar grade on Herbert and Eason.  He knows what he's doing".    
    • Agree about the behavior, when we got him I thought for sure he'd screw up by month 3-4... He's surprised me pleasantly so far in that regard.   But lets not pretend that it's just about his behavior. Lets clean his slate! For the purposes of this exercise lets say that he's been model citizen throughout his whole life and has never had any problems. But he's spent 3 years on the bench behind a murderers' row of QBs like Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch, Case Keenum, Kevin Hogan, Jacoby Brissett and Brian Hoyer... and his coaches never once thought he was their best chance to win a game. When they needed wins to get in the playoffs they would rather play Brian Hoyer(who's lost his last 10+ games) than him. He'd be a 4th year 7th round QB who's never started a game in his NFL career. Why would anyone make plans for their starting QB position with him in mind? Let me put in other words ... imagine he wasn't on the Colts. Imagine he was the third string QB of... the Bills for example and he played some good pre-season games for them in 2019. Would anyone be like... "You know what? We don't really need Herbert or Love... what we really should do is sign that Bills third stringer... he looks like a franchise QB"...    At some point he needs to show that he deserves to be taken seriously(not just because of his off-field stuff)... this is why I wanted to see him in the last 2 weeks of the season, but Reich didn't seem very interested... Oh well... not ideal, but we can only work with the information we have not with the information we wished we had. In general I'm always in favor of open competition in camp, but I don't think you can go to camp thinking he's the solution or making decisions on draft day thinking about him as a potential solution.     
    • I will take any random team you want to assign.
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