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The Jags don't need to be the only team with a new coach this up and coming off season. 


Kyle Shanahan HC 
No.1 offense in the NFL right now. Schemes routes that gets Julio Jones wide open. Atlanta doesn't have a great defense (sounds familiar) yet with their offense they are in every game. We are in a easy division with a great staff and patience we can easily bounce back with him at the reigns.

Jack Doyle 
Erik Walden 
Jack Mewhort  (extension)
Donte Moncrief  (extension)
Robert Mathis  (please retire/vet minimum)


Off season targets


AJ Klein ILB
Give him a shot to step out of the shadows of Luke Kuechly. In small samples he did well while Kuechly was injured and he is young with playoff and super bowl experience.


Zach Brown ILB
Good LB in zone coverage who can attack the line of scrimmage and get into the backfield from time to time.


K'waun Williams CB 
Replacement for Darius Butler. He is young and has experience both in the slot and as safety


Juinor Gallette OLB 
A risky move but when healthy he is a great pass rusher. 2 years back to back injuries should drive his price down.


Ronald Leary OG 
This move sure up the inside of the offensive line.


Jarvis Jones OLB 
Former first round pick who may just need a change of scenery. With our 3 aging OLB hitting free agency we need to get younger. The Steelers do a great job of coaching maybe it will pay off for us.



1. Malik McDowell DE Michigan State 
6'6 athletic freak who is quick enough to get into back field and create pressure. His strength and leverage gives him a great bull rush. He can come in and gives us a reason to cut Fat Boy Jones.


2. Carl Lawson OLB Auburn
Always been talented and often the best player on the field even when Dee Ford was at Auburn. The issue is injuries has interrupted most of his college career. He has excellent speed and good technique which has help him produce pressure and sacks against NFL talent during his time in the SEC.


3. Gareon Conley CB Ohio State 
He has good fit to mirror WRs. His hands are decent but he does a good job of turning his head and looking for the ball.




4. Ejuan Price OLB Pittsburgh 
His speed, strenght and non stop motor has people comparing him to Evlis Dumervile and so does his height. If he was a foot taller he would be taken in earlier rounds.




4. Jalen Hurd RB Tennessee 
Our swiss army knife doesn't have to be small. At 6'4 we can use him like Brandon Jacobs when running the ball. Split him out wide, line him up at FB and as TE. He has soft hands and he runs hard. Allen hasn't proven to be able to play a full season both him and Doyle can work together to make up for his absences during the season.




5. Jamaal Williams RB BYU 
Great vision soft hands and patience for the hole to open up.




6. Brandon Facyson CB Virginia Tech 
A tall aggressive CB from Virginia Tech. The right coaching he could be starting in a year or two.





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Gimme Alvin Kamara instead of Jalen Hurd! 


But I do agree with the guys you've listed as us retaining and I like some of the outside of the box thinking in regards to a few of the free agency targets. Junior I'll pass on though. 

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With Junior I think he's just been a bad character guy for a long time, as well as injury prone as you mention. I think it's okay to have a player or two on your roster who maybe has character questions, but if it's a long standing pattern then it becomes pretty concerning I think... But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and he'd get double digit sacks for us, stay healthy and out of trouble. 

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    • I am one that has no problem with people using stats to help measure a player. I got my degree in Business from IUPUI and had to take rough math classes and a statistic class that was off the chart. Stats are important, I get that. All I have ever said is there are more to rating a player than stats. Leadership is gigantic, at least to me it is, that is not a stat and can't be measured. JB is a great leader. The only 2 stats some seem to keep bringing up in here to say JB struggles or is below average are YPA and total yards passing per game. Every time someone tries to come back and say well he has 15 TD's in 8 games and only 4 INT's it gets ignored by those same people. Those 2 stats are crucial to stat people. If we had a QB that threw a lot of INT's we would stink period. Also another crucial stat is red zone efficiency, JB is great in the red zone.    To me this is just a waste of a post and my last one on it because with some they ignore other facts other than YPA and total yards passing. How can anyone have a reasonable debate with someone when they ignore things like a QB's leadership, that the WR core is average at best, etc.. Even when Hilton has played this season he has been banged up for the most part.   One last thing, it would be one thing if we were losing to bring up JB's yards passing but we are winning. JB isn't costing us any games as of now. If it was costing us games I would buy into some of these posts but it's not. I was listening to the Dan Dakich show earlier and he was saying how some Colts fans do not think JB is any good. He just laughed and said it is because they want a QB that throws for 5000 yards and is flashy. I rarely agree with him but he has a good point here. Some just need to accept JB isn't Andrew Luck and we now have a run 1st offense. I have accepted it because we are winning and as a fan have to accept it because that is the hand we are dealt. The only alternative is, not to watch anymore.
    • Good tidbits. To add - We were gifted a in-the-grasp on a TD throw by Watkins. A healthy Fuller scares me. 
    • The Week 7 meeting: Colts 30 TX 23 Brissett was 26 of 39 for 326 yards passing nd 4 TDs He is 4-0 vs, TX. Hooker & Kenny Moore did not play. TX had 10 penalties for 54 yards. TX were 2 for 5 in the Red Zone. The Colts did not get one first down running the ball. Watson was 23 of 43 for 308 yards. Hopkins caught nine passes. Will Fuller left the game with an injury. What impact if any will the hammering of the Texans have on their game?  The Texans have the Patriots next.
    • We should run all over Carolina, so that's positive. Allen is so inconsistent. He's putting up plenty of yards, but he's been an INT machine at times. If he has a clean game, could be trouble. I was very surprised they beat TN, and stayed close to GB in GB.
    • To some degree it makes sense.  Cain hasn't lived up to the hype (maybe he's not fully healthy) and Campbell is still pretty raw.  I think Campbell started showing very positive strides in the last game he played prior to getting injured.     Early in the season the only true, consistent deep threat we had was TY.  I think if TY is fully healthy, Funchess is fully healthy, and Campbell/Pascal are fully healthy down this last stretch, we'll see more wrinkles (including deep routes) in our offense.
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